I Will Separate The Tares Message 515 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Apr 27, 2017

I Will Separate The Tares Message 515

My Children, Do you know what the Tares are?

The Tares are the weeds that are in the Wheat field that look like Wheat but are not.

They must be allowed to grow with the Wheat because if they are ripped from the field it could harm the Wheat.

In scripture it says that while men slept, his enemy came in and sowed Tares among the Wheat, and went his way.

My Children, do you not see that the enemy planted the Tares and because the Tares could not be ripped from the field, they were able to seed.

The Tares are not satan or the demons, and they are not just what you would call bad people; they are those that look and act like Wheat, that seem to be good, but are truly not.

They hold on to false teaching and the ideas of man, and refuse to let My love and The Holy Spirit fill them and teach them, they will plant seeds of doubt if you let them.

You see satan and the demons are not the only enemy that comes against you, and you can be your own worst enemy as if you let yourself become stiff necked and refuse to let My love, anointing, and the teaching of The Holy Spirit fill you by not letting go of your own understanding to Me, you are letting the enemy win, and become a Tare.

He will fan it, he will feed it so that it grows and becomes a poison that will take over until there is nothing of My truth left, and only the beliefs of man and his religion is in you.

It is okay to not understand every word of scripture, but if you spread what you believe as truth and cause others to doubt then this is not of Me.

Do you not understand that through the sacrifice of My Son you were set free of not only sin, but doubt as well, as He is the way to the truth, Our truth, and the knowledge of this truth is what sets you free of the ties that bind you.

You must receive what I have to give you and to receive means to accept it, or it will not take hold, and it will not grow in you and become a part of you.

The words on the pages of the bible can be just that, words; until they become a part of you, they are not alive in you.

There is more than one meaning to the scriptures and when I live in you, truly live in you, I lead you to the understanding of My truth that I want you to have.

You are all on different levels in your spirit, and learn in different ways, and what I give to one I do not always give to another.

Let Me live in you and truly lead you to the truth I want you to have right now.

There really is a lot I want you to have right now, and if I live in you completely then My love lives in you completely as I AM LOVE.

Don’t be a Tare My Children, as I truly love you and do not want to have to leave you on the threshing floor.

Come to Me, and let go of all to Me completely as it is okay that what you believed is wrong it does not mean there is something wrong with you nor is it sin.

I will turn it all around for your benefit, and the ones that love Me, to My glory if you will only let go and Let Me truly grow My love in you.

You see My Children, the words of the song ‘All You Need Is Love’, is very true as all you need is My love, in every aspect of your being.


Truly all we need is God’s love in us, in every part of us and live in this love, as He truly is love. At one point I was led to look up the word count of this message, it was 548 and in Strong’s Hebrew it means Faith, and Support.
God bless us all, and I love you.