Witchcraft Deliverance Manual by Gene Moody


Witchcraft Deliverance Manual
by Gene Moody



There is gross evil in the practice of witchcraft but this is seldom shown to the recruit. He
or she is usually picked from the crowd because he or she has weaknesses that will make
them a good prey. They look for people who feel rejected, mistreated, lonely, abused,
greedy for gain or recognition, cruel, restless, without proper goals, who think they are
ugly, poor or rich but dishonest, rebellious, angry and violent, and the list goes on and on.
The recruit is made to feel like he belongs, is wanted, loved, admired and shown a good
time, and he begins to feel this is what he has always longed for. Now he is trapped
because he has become emotionally bound to these people. Little by little he is now
driven into gross sins and devil worship. He is also told he will never leave this group
alive because he can do them much harm, that they will kill him before they will let him

Deut. 18:9-12, There shall not be found among you any who makes his son or
daughter pass through the fire. (No child sacrifice, no abortion.) Nor one who uses
divination. (Seeking hidden knowledge by occult means, trying to foretell future events,
false prophecy, prediction, augury (foretelling future events by signs or omens, to
prognosticate), clever conjuncture. Soothsayer: predicting, foretelling, prophecy. Auger,
Sorcerer: one who uses evil supernatural power over people and their affairs; witchcraft;
black magic.)

Or a charmer. (One who has the power of enchantment; a magician.) Or a medium. (A
person through whom communications are supposedly sent to the living from the spirits
of the dead.) Or a wizard. (A magician, conjurer, a sorcerer, magic.) Or a necromancer.
(One who claims to foretell the future through alleged communications with the dead, a
conjurer, sorcerer, a wizard, black magic.)

As you can see, these practices overlap each other. The bottom line is that the above
witchcraft practices are for the purpose of controlling other people for your gain. There is
no such thing as good witchcraft. White witchcraft claims they do not do the person they
work for any harm, but they certainly will try to do harm to the other person.
Christians often play into the hands of the Devil in their witchcraft practices. One way is
to violate the free will of another Christian by praying psychic prayers. It goes something
like this, Lord make so and so do this or that. Better to ask God to help that person to
know God’s will and want to follow God of his own desire.

For instance, to give a person a personal prophecy that they should do such and such
because you think they should, or their doing so will in some way benefit you. Using
manipulation or coercion or the wrong kind of persuasion or control to get someone to do
your will. Use of conditional love, if you do what I want you to, I will love you or if you
meet my goals for you, I will approve of you. Hate, bitterness and anger are good
tools of control. Many people will give into your demands just to get peace or to get you
to call off you actions. Lies are used to control, especially if they contain promises the
other persons hopes will be fulfilled.

One other trap of the occult we fall into is trying to impress people that we are in better
Christian shape than we are. This is actually in the lie category. Christians should
examine their motives for their actions because by nature we often try to force people to
do what we feel is right for them. Some times we get to paying so much attention to the
other person’s business, we don’t keep a good watch on our own business or our own
mind. We are shocked at our own actions. Satan has a good chance of trapping us by
witchcraft because most of our unholy desires draw us into the snare.

Also, the practices of organized witchcraft that our forefathers have done last for three to
four generations. Provided no one engaged in those activities for the next three to four
generations, the curse would die out (Gen. 20:1-4).

You see, witchcraft is a worship activity. You have submitted your spirit, as well as your
body and soul, to the Devil. Sex sin, both in and out of marriage, is an act of worship to

Drugs are used in the practice of sorcery, so even if you do not think you are practicing
sorcery, when you take drugs you are. This is proven by the many times people on drugs
have visits from demons. They will usually obey these demons demands even if what
they are asked to do is contrary to their normal actions.

From over the United States come reports from believers that they are being
bypassed on their jobs by less qualified people. Many believers report that they seem
to be put on a shelf and status quo exists while new people zip to the top with
advancements. Some business executives report being fired without reason. Marriages
considered quite solid suddenly break up. Children with a previously dependable record
become erratic.

We think that the real answer is that many people are being controlled by
witchcraft. This manual only touches the tip of what surely must be a giant iceberg.
Only the overcomer is properly equipped to defeat this monster. We must learn to use
our weapons (II Cor. 10:4).

The believer or overcomer according to the Scriptures, is to be more than conquerors
(Rom. 8:37) and never ashamed (Joel 2:26, 27; Ps. 37:19; Isa. 29:22; Rom. 10:11).

1. Rebellion is as witchcraft.
2. When you turn from God, you are in witchcraft or the Devil’s world.
3. If the Devil wants to bring a preacher down, he might use an evil spirit of lust in a
gorgeous, young, perfumed, sweet thing to bring about the fall.
4. Witchcraft is the use of everything in the Devil’s arsenal to destroy any chance of a
human being coming into the full power of God.
5. Occult means unseen, so these practices are hidden snares to involve humans in the
Devil’s world to make the human think that he, the human, has everything.

Many cults have their members say a prayer that their soul touch all souls. This is
one of the ways evil soul ties are formed.

A believer must be aware that from every aspect of his life and activity, he is
threatened constantly with the prospect of witchcraft being beamed at him by the

A good example of this is drugs, known as sorcery, and medications (even though they
are prescribed by a doctor) such as Valium, Serex, Phenobarbital, and other common
medications which are not curative.

Mind control is the chief weapon of Satan to snare the believer. The Scriptures
admonish us to bring every thought into captivity (II Cor. 10:5). Many times a person
will enter a world of fantasy and imagination, lusting after something or somebody or of
something they consider normal. This is a counterfeit for what we are supposed to do
when these thoughts enter our minds.

By apprehending our thoughts, understanding our thoughts, and being able to look
upon our own thoughts, we can bring every thought into captivity. It has been our
experience that the thought pattern has to change in order to give way to the new
personality to take over.

The practice of witchcraft in the Catholic Church is in their ceremonies. A Catholic
helps curse himself or herself every time he makes an upside-down cross in crossing

Cub Scouts, scouting organizations, DeMolays and Masonic organization’s ritualism
and symbolism go back to Nimrod. Teachers who are witches usually go to school to
learn how to interweave witchcraft into the teaching program without being suspected by
the community. Another example is that of a student that put spells and love potions on a
girl to make her desire him sexually.

It is very real, and it results in an evil spirit being put into the participants by the curse,
hex or charm, and the student’s mentality and entire attitude usually becomes erratic and
unpredictable. In schools where Karate or Judo is taught, this causes further demon

In gym classes, YMCA and YWCA, people are often taught to sit in the Lotus position.
Only the believer has the power to prevent this witchcraft. The great conspiracy of Satan
to control your mind reaches into the entertainment field through television and movies.

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