Word given from the LORD to Susan Davis, Sunday, April 08, 2018


Word given from the LORD to Susan, Sunday, April 08, 2018

MY children, today, I have created as all days.

Each day is a gift from your Heavenly FATHER, a gift from above.

I tarry today, but each moment only I know what truly lies ahead.

I am the MASTER of the future.

I am the GOD of tomorrow.

MY enemy likes to steal the future and put his own false spin on it.

He is a thief and even lies about something he has no control over.

He whispers in men’s ears what they should believe about their futures, that they should rely on chariots and horses for tomorrow.

MY children can plan out their futures all they want, I control even the next breath they take.

This is not even something they can control.

Why do MY children put their futures in the hands of a liar who has no control over it.

Yet most do this only to find that instead their future is made up of lies and delivers only darkness and eternal damnation.

Come know the GOD of the future.

Only MY plans for tomorrow will stand.

Only what I say will be–all other plans lead down dark paths of destruction and endless regret.

Think this over seriously.

Come out of the dark cloud the enemy keeps you under.

Come to a brighter future that I have prepared.

I know the plans I have for you.

I have made a glorious way.

Why do you deny yourself what I so lovingly have prepared for you and am making available to you by MY OWN Spilt Blood and cruel death?

You must choose the path you will continue on–one of ultimate darkness or one of light and everlasting love and beauty.

I cannot be clearer.

This is the choice you face.

Putting off this decision only puts you on the path of darkness.

Many walk that path and many have waited until there is no escape.

Hell has no friends and sin reaps its rewards.

I am pleading with you children, face your GOD and come clean in MY Word, MY Blood, MY Salvation.

Surrender to truth.

Lay it all down, submit to MY Ways, learn of MY plans, BE RENEWED!



Hebrews 13:8 (KJV): JESUS CHRIST the same yesterday, and today, and forever.