Words given from the Lord to Donna McDonald



Words from the Lord to the bride on hearing MY Voice

I am your God and I love you. I am here to speak to you the occasion of the Passover. I instructed My people, My Israelites to place a wash of lamb’s blood on their doorposts to keep the angel of death away from their homes. I am instructing you, today, as your sacrificial Lamb, to pursue Me and only Me for I will save you from a certain death that will last for eternity. Do not let your thoughts and desires get in the way of our relationship. Put all interests and everything down of this world and follow Me. I will ALWAYS deliver. I will deliver you from this world but you must hear My Voice and be able to discern My Voice in the ways I outline here. Here is what I have to say to you and I will number the ways you can hear My Voice to communicate with you:

1. I speak to you through friends, neighbors, family and those you meet.
2. I speak to you through the stars, moon and constellations. When you look up in the sky at night you know there is a God in the constellations and awe and beauty of the night sky.
3. I speak to you through beautiful and playful and majestic animals. When you see a tiger and a cub, a whale and her calf, a doe and her fawn do you not think there is a God creating just what you are seeing and observing?
4. I speak to you by the beautiful majestic mountains or a field full of wildflowers.
5. I speak to you when you hear a newborn baby cry.
6. I speak to you when you hear a child say, “I love you”.
7. I speak to you when you receive an answered prayer.
8. I speak to you audibly when what you consider your intellect or conscience says to you something you needed to hear.
9. I speak to you when you fall in love for the first time.
10. I speak to you when you receive a good and godly gift like something you needed or wanted badly. It can be a necessity or a splurge. Yes, your God splurges on you at times when you least expect it.
11. I speak to you when you see a loved one out of their pain and suffering and you know they are now with me in heaven.
12. I speak to you through My Word.

These are all ways I speak to you but there are many, many more. Just know that I am with you, indwelling in you when you invite me in and I am constantly watching over you. I have all knowledge, onminscience and I am all present, omnipresent, I am a Just and Loving God. I have your best interests in mind. Sometimes you won’t see it like that but that is because you have blinders on, you cannot see three feet in front of you when you are in the midst of troubles. That is when you need to put down the ways of the world and totally trust your God for your every need, if you haven’t already. Your God is ready and waiting to meet your needs. I am ready to bring you into my house and dwell with you for eternity. You must give me your ALL. You must put down all ways of the world and put down all secular interests and media and you must pursue Me with everything you have got. You must pursue Me over and above all other interests in your life. If you put even one child or your husband ahead of me you will be left behind. You must alter your interests and ways of thinking to accommodate for my soon coming. Put your mind and thoughts in my court. Bounce that ball over here and let me take it and run with it. Let me take over your life and you will be much happier, for certain. You have been designed with a God shaped hole in your heart that only I can fill. I want you to know that I have a YOU shaped hole in my heart that only YOU can fill as well. Do not think you are insignificant in my life. I died expressly and implicitly for you. I died with you on my mind. There is no one that could ever take your place, there is not even one that could replace you in my heavenlies I do not want to remove your chair after I have already had it set with your name on the place card. Your name is there at my table and the goblet and silver are set with the gold trimmed glasses and dinnerware. I have a special gift waiting for you that was especially selected and created, by My Hand, just for you. Do not break our engagement, do not forget to RSVP. Your God is waiting for you with a smile on my face. I am ready and waiting for my bride. I am anxious for my bride to come down the aisle dressed in white with fresh, clean garments and a smile on her face. This is your Lord and I am putting the stamp of My signet ring on this. You can bank on it. Amen Amen Amen

Words given 4/12/14 from the Lord to Donna McDonald