Words of the LORD for the End Times Prophecy Conference Received by Donna Mcdonald


Published on 18 Aug 2014

My children, this is the LORD speaking. I AM your FATHER and Friend. I AM the Best Thing that ever happened to you. When I died on the cross late in that day on the hill of Golgotha and gave up MY Ghost to MY FATHER and drew MY Last Breath I became the very Best Thing that ever happened to you. But I want to tell you one or more things and that is: the world is mocking their GOD and is making a bed of thorns to lie onto and to go down a slippery slope into the depth of hell for themselves.
The world is an enmity to ME. I have given MY Life and MY ALL to the world, my children of the world, and they stand in line to pay to have ME mocked. They do it every time they go to a movie theater with the exception of very few movies, GOD is NOT DEAD being one example. They do it most every time they open a book and most every time they turn on the TV, every billboard, every notice in the newspaper, every salutation and explanation.
Most every one of these times the people who I call MY children open their mouths and out of it comes something unholy and mocking to their GOD, ME. I can no longer tolerate this. How long would your earthly father tolerate a mouth that is mocking and disrespectful and ugly and sinful pointed towards him? How many times would your earthly mother I have give you sit aside and watch their own sons and daughters ruin their lives?
Well, I am a GOD that can tolerate none of this anymore. I have had enough. I have had it up to MY Eyebrows and MY FATHER who knows everyone’s heart is hearing it and smelling the stench in the throne room and HE has had enough. WE are your FATHER and WE are ready to give you all a good spanking. WE are ready to get out the rod and spank the world and the people in it for the disrespect that my daughter and her ears and MY Ears and MY FATHER’s Ears have had to listen to.
I have given this daughter a desire for clean and wholesome and holy talk and she has been privy to all of you children who call ME by Name and call ME your FATHER but you insist on using omg and oh my gosh and golly and g–d– and the like. I have had enough of it and I am ready to get out the rod and give you all a spanking even those who call yourselves MY bride.
Shame on you, children, get out the soap tonite and place it in your own mouth. Every one of you have soap in your hotel rooms and every one of you have soap in your homes. If your mouths were as antiseptic as your soaps I would not be having these conversations with you, children. I am your FATHER and I love you lest I let you fall into the pits of hell for blaspheming MY HOLY NAME and the NAME of MY HOLY FATHER who is in the throne room listening to this conference right now. HE has had it and will start applying the rod of discipline the next time you carelessly use MY HOLY Name in vain.
You have been warned, do not come crying to ME If MY FATHER applies the rod of discipline to the seat of knowledge. (Now I will tell you the rest of MY message for my daughter is in shock at this moment for she is used to get loving messages for you). I am a Loving GOD but a firm and just GOD as well. I cannot let this go on any longer. I have had it with you. AMEN AMEN AMEN, AMEN
Daughter you may sit down now as your responsibility to speak at this conference is over. You have been used to apply the rod of discipline to MY children. AMEN, go sit down.