Words from Our LORD to Donna McDonald: “There is a darkness on this earth that is spreading like a wildfire.”


This is why I have nothing to do with Halloween:
Words of the LORD: “There is a darkness on this earth that is spreading like a wildfire.”
Daughter, I have a Word, a letter for you on Halloween. Take it down. Daughter you must get this out to the people. It is vital for their health, vitality and salvation. Children, this is your LORD speaking, YAHUSHUA. I am your GOD and I am dictating this letter to this daughter for your benefit.
There is a darkness on this earth that is spreading like a wildfire. The wildfire is from the enemy. He is attempting to spread hell to the earth. He wants to engulf the earth in flames and take it over for himself. I will not let him. But he will take many captive and prisoner to his deep, dark dungeon called hell.
The people will be led astray and many will not know what hit them until they land in the deep, dark pit called hell. I want to inform you there is another way. Children, the darkness over the earth is highlighted by a holiday that the enemy calls “Halloween.” Halloween is the holiday that takes place a day, a night before All Saints Day. This day was set apart for ME and what is “Holy” but the evil one in trying to mock ME and copy ME as he knows best to do.
He concocted a holiday to worship himself. It is called “Halloween.” It is NOT a harmless and fun day for the children. Instead it is a day that is dedicated to the dead, the evil, and the corrupt. More satanic rituals occur on this day than on all the other days of the year put together. The evil one brings his evil and the people dedicated to evil out in full force. More animal sacrifices and human sacrifices occur on this day than on any other day of the year.
Now, do you believe this is a harmless holiday for the children? Would you want your children to dress up and ask for a ‘trick or treat’ knowing that this day brings animal and human sacrifices? What if the animal or human sacrificed was your child or loved one? What would you think of the day then?
Children, you must put down all references to this day, all talk of it unless to warn and educate the others on its evil.
You must NOT go out and celebrate in any way, shape, or form on this day or night lest you come in contact with evil. It is best to stay at home and cook a home-cooked meal and read your Bible as a family. That way you are not out in the world on this evil night called Halloween. Do you understand ME? If not, what part of this do you not understand? If you can read this then you can understand this. There might be those of you who do not believe this and to those I say, “Hallelujah.” Hallelujah is a word to praise your LORD. If you do not understand then praise ME anyway and I will bring the Truth to you in a manner and way you can understand to get the message across. I will educate you and enlighten you to the Truth of the day called “Halloween.” You must first want the Truth and everything else will be added unto you.
Blessings from on High:
Words Received from Our LORD by Donna McDonald, September 8, 2013