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Christ End Time Ministries is a non-profit Christian Ministry based in Cape Town, South Africa. We help all ministries/believers/churches by distributing “End Time” materials, such as printed booklets, CDs, distributions of believers’ personal testimonies through this website.

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Spiritual Warfare & the Purple Robe
- Book 1 -

On the 6th November 2006, Yolin had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ who covenanted to teach her personally through Spirit communication, revealing many things to her.

In one of her Spirit visions, Yolin is taken to Hell by Jesus, where she sees nightmarish scenes of indescribable horrors. Hell is a place of immeasurable size where huge, ugly, angry balls of flames burn continuously and from which there is absolutely no hope of escape.

God’s Great Message is of man’s deliverance from sin and damnation.

In another vision, Yolin sees Satan in his uncovered state – a hideous, shocking image too terrible to describe.

Jesus shows Yolin a vision of a certain person secretly placing a curse into a bloodstain on her shirt. Through Yolin, Jesus communicates to her mom how to rebuke the curse and break all the ties in His Name. Only then will the evil powers be broken and the evil spirits leave Yolin.

She is shown several terrifying, prophetic visions of the very, very last days and what it would be like for those left behind in the Great Tribulation.

Jesus takes Yolin to see 2 lost cities. These are cities where the people had chosen to be joined as one with the forces of the satanic kingdom. One of these cities is the ancient city of Nineveh. These places are still inhabited by people but are invisible to the outside world. Jesus wants the Believers to begin to intercede for these lost cities. Many places which had mysteriously vanished could come back into existence. Believers are to reach out to them with the message from God’s heart. God is looking for a reason to help them and to draw them closer to Himself.

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