Breaking the CURSE of ILLEGITIMACY and SHAME – J2W Book 1



This is a genuine problem that exists even today. The curse of illegitimacy affects the ability of believers to build a close fellowship with the FATHER, and with other believers.

In doing so, this curse targets the free flowing of the Spirit of Adoption noted in the New Testament — that Spirit which enables believers to cry out, “Abba, FATHER!”. Satan’s purpose is to prevent or destroy the intimacy of our FATHER with His children, preventing them from having a close and personal “Daddy” relationship.

Freedom from the curse of illegitimacy has deep implications for the practical deliverance of GOD’s people. This curse is a noteworthy device of satan to manipulate behind the scenes in order to keep GOD’s people from their rightful inheritance in the congregation of the righteous.

You are invited to consider the Scriptural evidence, both doctrinal as well as Biblical examples. We must realize that no one can be set free where ignorance prevails. This manual is not presenting a new doctrine, nor a new formula for deliverance ministry. This teaching is taking one of the roots (orphan heart, slavery vs. sonship, victim spirit) from the J2F series, and adding more understanding and revelation.

We want to advise you as reader to please not take things out of context and to see this teaching as part of the J2F series. J2F forms the foundation of all our teaching material at Kanaan Ministries, and we want to encourage you to work through this series because many of the basic terminology is explained in J2F and will not be repeated again in this teaching.

So, please journey with us in these pages to identify, understand, and overcome this weapon of the enemy — the curse of illegitimacy — and enable GOD’s people to become set free.

May the FATHER give us all grace and mercy to continue to set captives free, and confirm HIS WORK in them with signs, miracles, and wonders following.

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