3 Things Everyone in Hell Has in Common [Avoid These]

Laurie Ditto reveals three things everyone in hell has in common. Avoid these things at all costs!

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From Laurie –

Heaven is real. In 2000, I was saved in a vision where I met Jesus. He is beautiful and powerful beyond description! During this vision, I was radically healed from many things, including a 3.5 pack-a-day cigarette addiction. Before I left the Lord, I asked “Is there anything I can do for you?” He answered, “Go tell others about Me.” And that is exactly what I did! I went home and began telling everyone about Jesus. Since then I have visited Heaven many times. I have written two books about a few of my visits in hopes that people would be homesick.

Hell is real. In 2008, the Lord took me to Hell in a vision. It was a horrible experience in a horrible place that was never intended for human beings. I am deeply sorrowful of the memories of that place. Yet, each day, thousands of people go there for eternity because of their sins of rebellion and unbelief toward God and unforgiveness toward other people. To warn people about Hell and point them to the saving grace of Jesus Christ, my husband, Mike, and I began the organization, My Father’s Reputation. I have written a book about it in hopes to warn people before it is too late.

The truth of Heaven and Hell is powerful! The reality of Jesus Christ, He is God, and what He has done on the cross to pay for sin are essential to being with Him in Heaven, eternally. We care about you because Jesus cares about you! He has shared His heart for you with us. You matter to Him. If you are not saved, then you will go to Hell. He will use all means to reach you because eternity is waiting, your choices today will determine where you spend it. Accept Jesus Christ as THE Way, Truth and Life today!!

For those of us who know Jesus… Go, get the ones He loves before it is too late!