Kings of Hell appearing to the multitudes

Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 7

Kings of Hell actually appearing to the multitudes of people

In another vision of the night, I was in a certain place; there were multitudes of people everywhere.
Suddenly, a shock-wave rent the air; the ground shook heavily. Everyone present turned hysterical. I began to scream like the others; fear gripped all. The presence of the unknown hung heavily.

Yamah Demon King

On turning around, we saw the king of Hell who stokes the fires. This evil being reached into the sky in height; he was well-built. He was still very far away. Once the multitude really saw what was approaching, many fled while some froze, others were the more hysterical.

When this huge form began running towards the multitude, the screams of the people grew louder and louder. Terrible fear shook their helplessness as this king of Hell stood over us. We were in such desperation that we did not notice another king of Hell coming from the opposite direction. I don’t have the words to describe this evil being. His form is beyond what I can describe in its terribleness of evil. This one also ran toward the multitudes so that they were sandwiched between both.

To the multitude, it seemed that these were at war with each other but in reality they made us believe that they were fighting each another. It was all just part of their plan that while they looked like warring against each other, they were actually destroying everything in their path. They trampled down houses, buildings, and people, destroying everything.

While these two were fighting, another king of Hell came running from another direction. He too joined in the make-believe combat. These three kings of Hell reached into the sky. The multitude looked like ants compared to their size. The multitude fled hysterically in every possible direction, many were trampled to death.