3D Hologram of Jesus The Man In The Shroud

Published on 14 Jul 2015

The Shroud of Turin image was created in part by a interference pattern of laser like light that emitted from the body of Jesus” Shroud of Turin is a linen holographic film plate.
As highly improbable as that may sound that is what the forensic evidence says happened. There is no other logical alternative image theory explanation that matches the gospel account or the forensic evidence.
What is presented in this video not only matches the Gospel account of the resurrection of Jesus it also matches the forensic evidence on the Shroud of Turin.
During the course of this video you will get a feeling in your inner gut, your solar plexus that tells you what you are hearing and seeing is correct. There is a reason for that. It is correct.
What is truly amazing is that when you type in words and phrases on a English Gematria Calculator relating to holography and the Shroud of Turin they all equal the same number!
Jesus of Nazareth = 1128
Shroud of Turin=1128
First 3D Hologram Made = 1128
3D Hologram of Jesus=1128
3D Hologram On A Mantle=1128
Son of God 3D Hologram=1128
3D Hologram Of The King=1128
3D Hologram of God’s Flesh= 1128
3D Scourge Wounds=1128
A Real 3D Holographic Image= 1128
Good Holographic Image= 1128
Inverted Mirror= 1128
Holographic Icon Image= 1128
Named Jesus Christ=1128
(Not much grey area in the last one)


At some point in our lives we all get backed into a corner where we are faced with a seemingly impossible financial challenge or physical or mental health issue.

The underlying cause of the challenge in most cases (not all) is a spirit of fear that resides within the person.

We need to eradicate that spirit of fear so that the normal function of the mind and body can be restored.

Think of fear as a magnet that is inside your body and a magnet of a greater power of love comes within close range of it and pushes it out of your body and then comes to reside within you.

A spirit of Joy vs a Spirit of Fear. That is what a baptism in the Holy Spirit is, it is removing fear from your body.

The underlying cause of the a to z list of every ailment on Earth. It is our goal to remove that sick spirit of fear from your body permanently, not temporarily.

One of the “miracles” Jesus of Nazareth performed more than any other were exorcism of demons.

A demonic spirit is a fear based spirit, regardless of whether it is a spirit of

1. Pride

2. Envy

3. Sloth

4. Gluttony

5. Greed

6. Lust (Unnatural affection)

7. Anger

The list above is how the demonic spirit responds to fear. “An invisible animal with claws that wants you dead'” is the best way to describe a demonic spirit.

We may scoff but during the video we also may come to believe in a power greater than ourselves named Jesus that can restore the normal function of the mind and body. That is the definition of a cure.

May the person seeking to be freed of some kind of sick ailment be forever set free of it as a result of “coming to believe” Freedom is one of the greatest sensations in the world that people will spend millions of dollars to feel, you can have that same freedom without spending a single penny watching this video.

This is FREE INFO, May The Truth revealed in this video will set you free! Forever and Always, Amen.