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5G – The Ultimate Weapon of Depopulation?

Written by Shoshi Herscu

We live in an increasingly irradiated environment (radiation soup) with all the smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi networks, and cell towers and their microwave transmissions. People, especially teenagers and young people, are increasingly dying of brain cancer because of the increased exposure to EMF/RF radiation, according to RF Safe and The Telegraph.

More and more Israelis, including children, report various aches and medical conditions, which emerge when they are in the presence of mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers or cell towers, according to Israel Hayom Newspaper (Does Radiation Hurt? Israel Hayom Newspaper, December 26, 2014).

Firefighters shared their testimonies of damages after cell tower was installed near their station, according to Collective Evolution.

5G will emit 10 times more radiation as it will use frequencies which are “ten times higher than those used by current network technologies” according to Euronews. 5G uses millimeter waves that are known as extremely high frequency. Although they “only” penetrate a few millimeters into the body and this is being used to quell any opposition by the telecom and other industries, “our skin is the biggest organ in the body and is linked to numerous things including immune response,” Leszczynski, an expert in molecular biology, explained (Euronews).

These high frequencies will not replace the current ones but will be added to the existing network. A spokesman for the World Health Organization (WHO) told Euronews that “To account for the increase in the volume of information that will be transferred by 5G networks, more spectrum at higher frequencies will be required”; namely, it will require installing many more cell towers.

This microwave radiation surrounds us and leads to decrease in fertility (sperm count decrease), which seemingly may be related to the depopulation agenda (See Agenda 21). It was discovered that sperm is damaged even from very low radiation rate at 0.00034- 0.07 micro-watt per centimeter, according to the BioInitiative 2012 Reoprt.

Martin Pall, PhD, an expert on human effects of RF radiation, warns that humanity is approaching extinction due to infertility with the level of radiation we’re exposed to these days:

“DNA damage known to be produced by these EMFs occur in human sperm and may also occur in human eggs, leading to large increases in mutation in any children born. It is thought that an increase in mutation frequency of 2.5 to 3-fold will lead to extinction because of accumulation of large numbers of damaging mutations. We may already be over this level, and if so, simply continuing our current exposures will lead to eventual extinction. Further increases in exposures will be more rapidly self-destructive.”

According to Nexus Magazine, both the cellular masts and 5G satellites will utilize a system called the “phased array”, in which “antennas are co-ordinated to radiate pulses in a specific direction and in a specified time sequence. This allows a concentrated beam of radio waves to enable signals to be sent or received. Because the beams are concentrated in this way, this adds to their power, which means they are able more easily to penetrate buildings. But it also means that any living creature that gets in the way of such a concentrated beam will be subjected to a powerful dose of extremely high frequency radiant electricity.”


According to Dr. Cindy Russell (The Bulletin January/February 2017), “Smart Cities have comprehensive digital connectivity by installing a massive wireless sensor network of almost invisible small cell antennae on light posts, utility poles, homes and businesses throughout neighborhoods and towns in order to integrate IoT with IT.” TechRepublic explains that smart cities are “connected” ones which means they collect data from from IoT sensors in streetlights and other devices to supposedly provide “better services and better communication”; especially, they emphasize this will improve municipal services.


IoT stands for Internet of Things. This means more devices and appliances that will have microchips in them will send signals to a centralized system where all this data will be gathered, analyzed, and stored for purposes unknown to us. It is dubbed “the next big thing”, according to Wired.

However, it also poses serious health risks, as it will create “an expanded electromagnetic microwave blanket above each city.”  according to The Bulletin.


Accenture states on its site that, “The next generation of wireless network infrastructure will be built using small-cell networks employing 5G wireless technology. The Smart City applications currently leveraging today’s wireless networks are already showing significant benefits to communities, and are expected to transform local economies.”

Smart city tyranny is coming near you. The Epoch Times reports about the preparations to deploy the Chinese regime’s system for surveillance and controlling its citizens in Darwin, Northern Territory in Australia.


Not only will people suffer more from this increased radiation forced upon us without our consent or informing us, but it is also leading to complete control and 24/7 surveillance by the state just as in China’s smart cities, according to TechCrunch. Surveillance cameras and microphones, 5G mini-cell towers will be installed on top of LED street lights, smart meters will record all actions that require electricity use, the electric appliances and wearables will come with a Wi-Fi microchips which will gather information and transmit it to a system. This is called IOT, the Internet of Things that anything which can be connected to the system and gather information and perform surveillance on us will be connected to this system. This is what Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said, according to IEEE ComSoc Technology Blog:

“It’s the building block to a world where everything that can be connected will be connected — where driverless cars talk to smart transportation networks and where wireless sensors can monitor your health and transmit data to your doctor. That’s a snapshot of what the 5G world will look like.”

We are fast approaching a time in which “Big Brother” will watch you everywhere all the time. This isn’t an exaggeration. Look what happens in China, because this is the plan for all countries.

According to Rachel Cheung (South China Morning Post):

“Planners tell us smart-city initiatives will improve our lives, for example by smoothing traffic flow. But a dense web of sensors, meters and cameras allied to facial recognition programs means our every move can be tracked”.

Earth before and after 5G


Dean Henderson, MS in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana, provides a dire warning and says that 5G is DARPA’s end game for humanity. Henderson adds that “Some say that Chemtrails is the means by which they are loading our bodies up with aluminum, since this is the best conductor for plugging us into the 5G “smart grid” […] Trans-genderism is an Agenda 21 stepping stone Trojan Horse gateway to trans-humanism, which involves the integration of 5G into our very being.

Watch the interview of Dean Henderson and Shai Danon about the real agenda behind our technologies and eugenics.

The hip-sounding Silicon Valley front men they are using to promote this Orwellian nightmare are calling it the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It seeks to integrate smart chip low-frequency weapons technology with biological processes.” This corresponds with the statement made Mooly (Shmuel) Eden, President of Intel, vision for humanity that we will all be microchipped in the future.
According to Henderson, this 5G technology leads us to the end of humanity as we will cease to be humans and become cyborgs as Mooly Eden openly stated to the audience.
” The goal is to turn us into machines which can be programmed to perform certain jobs, purchase certain things, think certain thoughts and emit negative dark emotions which will power and normalize the permanent war Illuminati blood sacrifice into an acceptable parallel reality they call “virtual reality” or “augmented reality”.”

Mooly Eden, President of Intel shared his vision for humanity that every human will be implanted with a chip that without it you’ll be unable to do anything, including paying for goods (in Hebrew: calcalist.co.il). When you don’t have control over your means of payment (but controlled by remote control via the chip), you can imagine where it can lead. It starts with passing such laws that limit the means of payment (i.e. cash) and moving to virtual money. And, of course, it’s always “in your favor”. I personally noticed how they removed the tellers from all the bank branches to only one branch in the city. Pay attention because it has already started. Intel envisions chips in the brain, according to Computerworld and thousands of Swedes have already been implanted with microchips, according to NPR.

Do you think this is too Orwellian reality? USA Today already openly discusses it that eventually everyone will be micro-chipped. It’s not a secret.

Then, according to TechRadar, our data will be mined and sold as it is already done today by “giants” like Facebook, Google and other companies that gather all the information about us on the Internet. These microchips within the electric appliances and smart meters could be monitored and shut down or hacked from afar, as it’s a centralized control system. This has already happened in China as the data collected from sensors in a smart city was exposed, according to TechCruch.


5G isn’t an upgrade of 4G LTE network structure. It will require “special equipment attached to lamp/light posts and power poles every fifty metres or so throughout towns and suburbs”, according to Jeremy Naydler, PhD (Nexus Magazine).

The plan, according to Elon Musk and others, is to launch around 20,000 satellites that will beam 5G from space to earth, as Technocracy News & Trends states.

According to Dr. Josh Axe, a doctor of chiropractic,

“5G, also known as 5th generation mobile networks or wireless systems, is considered the next phase in mobile technology. These wireless systems are the transmitters that carry signals to our cell phones and other wireless devices. While the public isn’t operating on 5G yet, it’s anticipated that over the next decade, most wireless carriers in the U.S. will shift to 5G technology. This transition is expected to bring better coverage, lower battery consumption, faster Internet connection speeds, and the ability to support a growing market of products other than phones and tablets that feature wireless integration.”

The benefits of 5G are advertised to the public as part of the creation of smart cities, super-fast downloads (downloading a movie will take seconds instead of hours today depending on different variables), and improved speed and latency of networks that will provide other functionalities, such as remote surgeries, according to EuroNews.

the 5G iceberg

This sounds so wonderful. So what is the problem with this network or new technology? 5G requires many more cell towers than those used today. Our exposure to this already dangerous radiation is going to increase exponentially and pose even greater challenge to our health. Dr. Axe writes that from 200,000 cell phone towers around the U.S. (4G LTE technology), the number of cell phone towers is going to increase to millions of towers, as 5G requires a much denser network. CIO goes even further than this and says it “could require cell towers on every street corner.”

Not only will it require millions of new cell phone towers, but also thousands of satellites to provide coverage to the rural areas on earth. “20,000 new satellites that are due to transform the planet into a so-called “smart planet”, irradiating us night and day” according to Jeremy Naydler, PhD (Nexus Magazine). This electromagnetic radiation doesn’t just bounce off our bodies or everything in the environment. If it permeates through stone and cement, these waves are surely absorbed in our bodies. “The degree to which they are absorbed can be precisely measured in what is called the specific absorption rate (SAR), expressed in watts per kilogram of biological tissue (Jeremy Naydler, PhD, Nexus Magazine). Just imagine what happens to our bodies when we fill every space we occupy – whether it’s our homes, cars or the offices where we work in – with Wi-Fi.

5G 1000 more exposure than Xray


5G is not a platform all built at once, but is multi-layered, built in stages. One such layer includes LED streetlights that are known to be carcinogenic and harmful to eyesight, according to France 24The Telegraph warns that these streetlights may double the cancer risk, according to a new research.

The deployment of the LED streetlights is one of the technologies that enable 5G and smart cities, according to Navigant Research. One layer is built on the other. Wi-Fi installed on the LED streetlights with transmitters and cameras on top, turning them into mini-cell towers, according to Energy Manager Today, with 24/7 surveillance.

Smart meters, smart TVs, smart homes, where refrigerators, washing machines and other electric devices will contain a microchip that will collect data about your usage and will be sold as the social media giants and search engines do with our data today. This makes us vulnerable because there is a central control which control these microchips and can shut off an appliance by the push of a button or the system intentionally or accidently. A smart meter can be turned off and then you’re cut from electricity.
As these technologies have never been proven safe, the growing scientific evidence suggesting immense health risks to death arising around wireless technology is a cause for concern, according to Dr. Axe.


5G is part of the UN’s Agenda 21 which is a depopulation plan aimed to depopulate 95% of the world and carried out for decades worldwide. There are many means implemented to achieve this genocidal goal, including GMOs (check the UN’s Codex Alimentarius), vaccines, smart meters, irradiated food, fluoridation of the water, chemtrails (Geoengineering), and recently 5G rollout that Trump pushes as part of a “technology race”. Something which looks very suspicious is that the Elites’ areas are exempt of this 5G deployment, including Trump’s area of summer estate in Florida, while this rollout of added harmful radiation is forced upon the “common” people worldwide, according to James Robert Deal, Green candidate for US senator for Washington.

Watch at 5:27 minute mark:


According to Deagel Guide to Military Equipment and Civil Aviation, two third of the U.S. population (from 300 million to 100 million people) is going to be eliminated within 6 years – from now 2019 to 2025. Check here the population projections for your country here http://www.deagel.com/country/

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About the author: Shoshi Herscu, an investigative journalist, Israeli activist, and a writer. My book Mass Awakening is a full disclosure book covering the Cabal’s depopulation agenda for the world, the dumbing of the masses, and on the other hand, the mass awakening of humanity worldwide, the secret space programs, the Event, and new earth.