A Prophetic Call To Dismantle Evil | Tim Sheets

In this urgent prophetic message, Tim Sheets delves deep into a scripture that resonated with him upon waking, leading him to reflect upon the current events involving Israel and the significant upheavals occurring globally. Drawing parallels from the trial of Jesus and the choice of Barabbas, he discusses the concerning embrace of malevolent forces in our modern society, especially in major cities and universities. Sheets further emphasizes the importance of dismantling the evil that has infiltrated our culture, advocating for the need to pray for our nation, the leaders, the military, and for wisdom to navigate these tumultuous times. With references to potential threats within the United States and the importance of vigilant protection, he concludes by invoking Psalm 91, a decree for safety and security, urging everyone to take it to heart and apply it to their lives.

Join Tim as he calls upon believers to unite in prayer, stand against the rising tide of evil, and fervently seek God’s divine intervention.