Advanced Petitions



The use of petitions is a very effective form of prayer and warfare. In I Tim 2:1 we see that petitions are one of the different forms of prayer. It is vital that we make use of this weapon in our pursuit of God’s fullness for our lives. The Hebrew words for “petition” are shelah or mishelah, meaning ask, beg, borrow, lay to charge, consult, demand, desire earnestly, inquire, pray, request, require, petition or wish. The word petition is usually associated with the law. We can only present our petitions before God’s Throne if we stand on legal ground and our petitions will only be granted if we find favour in God’s sight.


It is only by standing in a Blood Covenant with God Almighty through the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This is the highest covenant there is. Thanks be to God who gave us His Son, Whose Blood is the only acceptable sacrifice for our sins. This gives us legal right to come boldly before Father God. Let us now study the scriptures concerning the use of petitions. In I Sam 1:17 Eli calls Hannah’s prayer before the Lord a petition. We see in verse 15 and 16, Hannah cried to the Lord, pouring out her soul before the Lord. She spoke or brought her petition before the Lord out of her great complaint and bitter provocation. To petition, your soul must be poured out to the Lord. It is a cry from your heart. In verse 27 we see Hannah was granted her petition by the Lord! She has found favour in His sight! The favour of the Lord comes upon those who cries from the heart to Him (Ps 20: 4-5; Ps 9:12). We see also Adonaijah, son of David, petitioning Bathsheba, seeking her influence with Solomon (I Kings 2: 13-18).

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