Archeologist Encounters Jesus While Restoring His Tomb

Published on 1 Sep 2018

In this video, biblical archeologist Ron Wyatt describes his encounter with Jesus that occurred while he was restoring the Garden Tomb—the pre-resurrection burial place of Jesus Christ—with permission from the Israeli Department of Antiquities. Wyatt is one of many who’ve met, saw, been visited by, or had a miraculous encounter with Jesus.

The late Mr. Wyatt’s wife, Mary Nell Wyatt, tells of Ron’s miraculous encounter with Jesus in this excerpt from an article on Wyatt’s discoveries:

“Ron doesn’t talk about this experience with ‘the man in white’ a great deal, but I believe it literally changed his life, giving him enough encouragement to endure whatever it takes to get the work finished. “As Ron explained it to me, this episode [interference with archeological work unrelated to his restoration of the Garden Tomb] was the straw that sort of ‘broke the camels back’. He had prayed, as he always does, about going over [to Israel] and had been convinced it was what he was supposed to do. Ron was paying all the expenses out of his own pocket and this one was costly . . .

“But then Ron had an experience that changed his life. One day on that trip, he and the ‘prophet’ were sitting on the ground just outside the entrance into the cave system—Ron’s helper was inside. Ron was working on the radar scanner—changing the paper or something—and the ‘prophet’ was in the shade of a large bush eating his lunch. Where they were sitting was, at that time, many feet lower than the ground level just behind them because this was where Ron had excavated down years earlier. It’s necessary to understand this in light of the next event.

“Ron heard a voice behind him say “God bless you in what you are doing here”, and he looked up. Standing on the much higher ground many feet above him was a tall, slender man with dark hair wearing a long white robe and head covering similar to that worn in Biblical times—except that it was all pure white. Startled, mainly because he didn’t TELL anyone what he was ‘doing here’, he wondered who this man was.

“He tried to make polite conversation and asked him if he was from around the area. The man replied simply ‘No’ then remained silent. Ron then asked him if he was a tourist, and he again replied simply, ‘No’. More silence, then the figure in white said, ‘I’m on my way from South Africa to the New Jerusalem’. Ron was so startled that he couldn’t say anything, but just stared at him. Then, the man again said, ‘God bless you in what you are doing here’ and then turned and walked away.

“After a moment, the ‘prophet’, who couldn’t see the man because he was beneath the shade of the bush, said, ‘Ron, do you think we’ve been talking to an angel?’ Ron replied, ‘At least…’ “I remember his call like it was yesterday. If you don’t know Ron personally, let me explain that Ron is very low-keyed [sic]. He never acts excited or angry—his voice rarely gives away his true feelings. But I knew something had happened even though his voice was calm. He told me what had happened, and explained how just hours earlier, he had silently given up—frustrated, tired and simply worn down, he had lost his belief that what he was doing was God’s will. Then, this stranger appeared and he repeated word for word their conversation. He was glad that the ‘prophet’ had at least heard the conversation—at least he knew for sure that it really happened.

“And when he questioned the locals who worked along the only path anyone could take to enter the area, he discovered that NO one had seen anyone of that description either come into the area or leave. . . There was no doubt about it—the stranger in white had been seen by no one else. And then Ron told me that he believed it was more than just an angel—he was deeply impressed that it may have been Christ, Himself.

“. . . the experience was enough to encourage Ron and convince him that his efforts had NOT been in vain, and that he WAS still in God’s will.

“And since then, I have seen the results of that experience over and over, in both of us. From that moment forward, nothing could or will ever dampened Ron’s zeal or belief in that or any other project. . . “

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