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Book 18: New Levels

New Levels Download Book 18 During the season of asking the Father to awaken a new realm to the scrolls of our destiny which He had created and ordained for us, I was taken into Spirit Revelation. My spirit understood it to be a different season and time, and in many different revelations, I was […]

Book 18: Microwave Weapons

Microwave Weapons Download Book 18   Yet we suffered very heavy pressure of mind binding and bending powers and were once again puzzled. That night we went back to the Court of Accusation. After the gathering of prayer, it was dropped into her Spirit to remove the microwave and to put it out into the […]

Book 18: Courtrooms of Heaven

Courtrooms of Heaven Download Book 18 After many days of going through generational bloodline cleansing, mom approached the Courts of Accusation asking the Lord that the books should be opened once more. She asked that Satan be present and awaited for more accusations. Then with a repentant heart, she confessed all the accusations. Thereafter, she […]

Book 17: Shapeshifting / Reptilian

Shapeshifting / Reptilian   One morning, I was given Spirit vision in which I was amongst the public where I beheld the two sons of Princess Diana. I watched as her younger son, prince Harry, engaged in homosexuality, and knew that he was gay. To the public it was considered normal, but then something unexpected […]

Book 17: The Era of Human Animal Hybrids

The Era of Human Animal Hybrids Meanwhile, mom was taken into Spirit dream in which she refused to be mesmerised by the abominable. She also knew that these came from the laboratories where human embryos were mixed with different types of animals, producing beyond what is mind boggling. The weirdest creatures in human form paraded, […]

Book 17: Worldwide Zombies Epidemic

Worldwide Zombies Epidemic   Yet spiritual abuse spiralled out of control as the time to find the source of this type of spiritual persecution became prolonged. So for weeks, we suffered, especially during our most vulnerable periods when we were too exhausted to defend ourselves. Our bedrooms turned into torture chambers especially during the wee […]

Book 17: The Dark Side of Electronic Warfare

The Dark Side of Electronic Warfare

The Dark Side of Electronic Warfare Yet as intense warfare increased, the more we realized that its purpose was to distract us from the actual source –  mom had been suffering for months ever since cell phone towers were erected nearby. These towers were positioned every 100 metres away from the other one. These were […]

Book 17: Heavenly Courts

Heavenly Courts DOWNLOAD BOOK 17 Well, that night turned into chaos, as a thunderbolt of electricity mixed with radiation hit her so hard that she opened her eyes, collapsing. I had rushed to her aid, but my efforts seemed in vain. Mom stumbled to the living room away from her bed which was once again […]

Book 17: Entity Shapeshift

Entity Shapeshift The Lord Jesus in His infinite Mercy had given us victory over the aforementioned demonic attacks. With fervent prayers, we entered the New Year covenanting for our protection. The few days which followed gave us much hope when unexpectedly the unwanted reappeared. We had once again no clue as to why a deadly […]