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Book 10: Medusa

That day, a friend WhatsApp’d me; we had gone to the same school. Now after nine years, she contacted me and told me that she had gone to her local clinic. She said that something was injected into her hand to prevent her from falling pregnant. Immediately, the abominable attached to the RFID chip manifested. […]

RFID Chip is the Mark of the Beast! – Elvi Zapata

RFID Chips, Tattoo, Pill, Tag

Elvi Zapata insisted not to take RFID Chips. He said the RFID chips are the Mark of the Beast. Once you get it, you can not go to heaven. He got a contact from a young man who got a RFID chip. He prayed to God. He also asked his friend to pray. God said that He was not allowed to enter to heaven once you have it. RFID chips or Verichip whatever it called, we should not get it. It is better to die if situation not allow to refuse it. During the Great Tribulation, people have to choose RFID chip or death. You have to choose not to have this RFID chips in any circumstances!

Book 9 – The diabolical tornado

Once again, words fail to make you as the Reader, aware of what is about to unravel in our country of South Africa. The following has a Spirit outlook. In a Spirit vision of the morning Brother Michael (Pastor) together with his family arrived at our place. Driven by a supernatural urge, I was led […]

Book 8 – My Grandmother Rapture Ready

My grandmother was born in the 1930’s, the eldest of three Chinese daughters. She had a very hard and challenging life from the age of twelve when her mother passed away. During their childhood, all three sisters were given Christian names. In 2005, she was admitted to Groote Schuur Hospital where doctors diagnosed her as […]

Book 6 – Demon of Addiction

Yet in another vision of the night, I was walking in a certain place when I heard an angel of the Lord say in a very loud voice, “Heaven and Hell”. As I looked up towards the heavens, I was taken into a vision. I beheld an oldish man who was lying on a couch […]

Book 6 – Holy Wrath of God

That night, I was shocked beyond what my physical body could cope with. I had been taken into a night vision upon my bed and saw the terribleness of God’s Holy Wrath. I had seen Michael entering our front door while mom sat on a stool awaiting him. As he entered and before he could […]

Book 4 – The Resurrection

In the early hours of the 13th March 2009, I lay half awake, when suddenly I was taken into a vision. Whether in my body or out my body, I cannot tell but I saw myself asleep. During that space of time there were three separate forms lying on the bed. All three persons were […]

A Prayer to put on the Armour of God

Father in Yahushua’s name, Thank you for all You have done in My life, all that You are doing and will do in the future. I thank You Father for Your precious protection in my life. I put on the belt of truth the breast plate of righteousness the shoes of peace the shield of faith […]

2nd Chances: the Resurrection of Theo Nez

Introduction: Theo Nez grew up on the Navajo Nation near the 4 corners of the USA. He still lives in that area. In 1995 he bought Mary Baxter’s book “Divine Revelation Of Hell” thinking he would live for another 30 years and had plenty of time to get right with God. He put it off but, six months later while doing Meth in […]