Bitter Roots – Prayer for Forgiveness


Bitter Roots – Forgiveness

(Pray this prayer when you have judged anyone, including yourself, especially unrighteously. Simply insert the name of the person [or yourself] into the blanks!)

Abba Father, I come before You in the name of Yahushua the Messiah.

I realize that I have judged ____________, and I have made inside me a root of
bitterness. I am sorry that I did this, and I don’t want this awful thing in me

______, I forgive you for (the offense).

Lord Yahushua, I ask you to forgive me for this root of bitterness. Forgive me for
taking Your place as the Judge.

I ask You to come into that place in me, remove that ugly thing from me and wash
me clean with Your blood. Cleanse me in every place where that bitterness existed.
I ask You to come into that place, to fill all those places with Your Presence, with
Your Holy Spirit.

Abba Father, I ask that you would bless ____________. Omein!


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