Book 18: Witch Hunting

Witch Hunting

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In Spirit dream, I was shown that I was with three others in the midst of an enormous castle. The existing world within this castle seemed to cover the whole earth. Thousands upon thousands of rooms interlinked with a one another along with thousands of corridors. The entire castle appeared to be a complete network of witches and the like.  In the process of fine-combing deeper and deeper into the enormity, we killed off so many, many of them. By using our weapons and talents skillfully, we hunted them down and so we did not suffer a witch to live.

In the meantime, I had forgotten that some time back I had purchased artificial nails and had stuck them on my own. During that period, we suffered what words are not able to describe. But it was as though something was assigned to wipe us off the face of the earth.

It was when mom told me to remove them that the demonic realm attached to them began to manifest so she had to pray for me.

Yet the attacks intensified the more so we had gone on a witch hunt, and one day the Holy Spirit led her to listen to this video to which a link had been provided.

Quote of a certain portion of “Hell Testimony 5 hours beyond the grave”:

[“When this woman saw me with the two angels she laughed with arrogance. She shouted and swore that no woman will enter the Kingdom of God. She said my power of destruction is unleashed on the earth. I will destroy the female beings as there is no more time left for me.

She said, ‘I will destroy them through hair attachments and cabello hair, this hair contains demons’.

Then the angel told me to look at her nails, I saw her very long nails. The angel said many women are putting on artificial nails without knowing where they are coming from. The angel said that her long nails allow her to stab her victims and rip them apart. Women should not put on long nails that demons use for destruction and for ripping their victims.”]

As mom watched this video, instantly she lifted up her hands and said, “Thank You for the answer Lord.” She told me that for weeks it had seemed as though very sharp knives were cutting her to bits.

In one dream, she had fought an evil spirit which appeared to be just very sharp dagger teeth. As this thing was trying to devour her, she opened her eyes, very sick.

Yet as each sleepless night came and went, I was taken into Spirit vision while I was about to doze off. Approaching me was the most terrifying image I have ever seen, adorned in the blackest of black.


Beyond shock, I almost suffered lock jaw. This spirit had one hand covering half of its face while exposing the other half. To all appearances, it was blacker than black.

My spirit immediately knew that this was the angel of death. It was also revealed to my spirit that this terrifying image approaching me had not come for me, but for someone else.

“So how does all this tie up?” we sighed.

Then beyond our wildest dreams, we were suddenly faced with this dark matter which mercilessly targeted us at every point, using every tormenting imagination possible. It’s dark forces intensified the electromagnetic frequencies so much that mom was not able to sleep in her room. The overwhelming mind bending frequencies hung thick and dark so that I could not breathe.

In this dilemma, we took our flight to the Courtroom of Appeal that light be shed on what seemed impossible to the human mind. We faced a very grave situation that seemed to have very little hope. Within our agonizing death entrapment, prayer pushed up from the depths of our being.

Words that only the Holy Spirit could release through mom’s lips came forth, “Yahweh Elohim… we lay ourselves upon the Fire Altar for complete purification. Sanctify the sacrifice of our innermost being and cover our spirit, soul, and body with the Blood of Yahushua HaMashiach. Let this sacrifice be acceptable unto Thee. Now we come before the Throne of Mercy and Grace and appeal for Light to be shed upon this dark matter over which the angel of death has legal ground, in the Name of Christ Jesus of Nazareth.”

And so it was done!

The Holy Spirit brought to her mind that a certain spider had spun a web, and as long as the spider was in the house, it had the legal right to spin webs of death. So we returned to witch hunting one more time for the spider of death.

Oh yes, we found it during the wee hours of the morning, and did it not begin to manifest as it was removed completely off the grounds! It was about two in the morning when I returned, sick to the core of my gut. Mom laid hands on me and demanded that Brahman, together with every curse, hex, vex, invocation, initiation, incantation and all spirits of new age be cast into the bottomless pit never to return.

There was an immediate shift and change in the spirit realm and so it was.

Let all Glory and Honour return to our Holy God in Christ Jesus our Lord and Deliverer.

But warfare continued, and the witch hunt persisted until more spiders were revealed, especially in earnest prayer. One such was empty bottles mom had filled with water during the time of water shortage. Storing it away, we had never realized that at the time it was purchased at the local shop that there was an African man working there.

One day, I went to buy my grandfather some bottles of water when I noticed that this man who was wearing a pair of sandals made of goats’ hair. The impact of just looking at it had greatly affected my vision which turned into wells of psychedelic circles.

Yes, I rushed back to mom, feeling sick; we understood that this person had obtained them from the witch doctor. The ground upon which this man walked became accursed and demon infestation was upon everything that was sold.

Oh, what a fact, we had been blinded until the Holy Spirit had given her Spirit revelation. It is only when the Holy Spirit gives Spirit revelation that the hidden curse was revealed.  When another spider and the contents of its webs were removed and destroyed, there was another shift in the spirit realm.

Once again, let Glory return unto the Lord our God.