Book 8 – Don’t Miss the Rapture

In a Spirit vision upon my bed on the morning of the 9th January, I was with my mother, her brother and his family. We were all going about our own business when suddenly Sister Cornelia came hurriedly to me.

I knew that she had gone home to be with the Lord three years ago. The family gathered to investigate who had entered. Ignoring everyone present, she firmly took hold of my hands and repeatedly said, “Don’t miss the Rapture…” Then she turned and left without saying another word.

As I stood pondering, a conviction filled my spirit that she had referred to the game called “Solitary” that had captured my mind.

This led into another Spirit vision in which I turned only to discover that something so awful had happened. Mom, together with her brother and his family, had disappeared in a twinkling of an eye.

This was so sudden and without any warning. Immediately, my spirit was convicted that the Rapture had just taken place. I had never known loneliness such as what I had experienced.

My mind boggled and shook as I collapsed in a heap on the floor. I became completely undone – crushed and hysterically devastated. I opened my eyes wailing and sobbing uncontrollably.

That night, I approached mom who listened once again without saying a word. Then she led me into one of Kat Kerr’s prayers (she is the author of Revealing Heaven I & II).

“Father, I thank You for this Revelation. I choose to be completely whole. As an act of my will, I command and loose from each layer of my soul, any form of darkness. All demonic games (named each game) which I became addicted to. All soul ties with these demonic games. Anything and everything that is not of You that I had made with a person, or things. I command you to go immediately in Jesus’ Name.”

“Father, thank you for cleansing my soul from all demonic games and now as an act of my will, I choose to call back every part of myself, any layer of my soul that I gave to these demonic games. Come back in Jesus’ Name.”

“Father, thank you for restoring my soul to be Rapture-Ready. I will be accountable to do, to live my life so that Light will come into my soul. I rejoice that every layer of my soul is completely whole. I break any power the enemy had over my soul, my body, my mind, my thought life, my will or my emotions; I am free in Jesus’ Name.” 

“Father, my soul is cleansed; please fill it with Your Light, with Your Life, with Your Love and with Your Passion. I receive it as an act of my will right now, in Jesus’ Name.” 

“Father, You desire above all things that I prosper and be helped, even as my soul prospers. My soul is prospering so send it down in Jesus’ Name. Amen.” 

Indeed, Father responded; immediately, the atmosphere took on a complete change. “Mom, can you see the Bright Light everywhere?” I was overjoyed.