Children, the world is being fed a load of lies, a mirage, and many believe it.

Though there are signs of war especially in the Middle East the rest of the world thinks that they are safe from this conflict.

You are wrong, when war erupts in the Middle East and the enemies of Israel move to attack her then the whole world will be drawn into this conflict for have I not set up Jerusalem as a stumbling block for the nations of the world? Not one year has gone by since the formation of the UN that Israel has not been the center of attention.

It has been a source of conflict, a land in the middle of a desert has been fought over for millennia and this conflict will not end until the one to whom it belongs enters in through the Eastern gate.

Children, do not listen to the false prophets, they cry peace and prosperity in the middle of chaos and depravity.

I have warned them to stop spewing these lies but they have ignored me over and over again.

On the day that war and chaos erupt what will they say then? Shall not the ones to whom they lied turn on them and rip them to shreds for spreading lies? Do not be deceived this is the lull before a ferocious storm kicks up and takes over.

This is the calm before the storm, the storm is on the horizon and soon it will become visible to all.

Many of my own children do not believe my words, I have told them to prepare for the hard times that are on the horizon, I have commanded many to store up food and water, I have told others to leave their cities and move as per my direction, I have asked others to quit their jobs and trust me to direct their next steps, many have not listened and in their disobedience they will suffer much.

Children, when I tell you to leave your home, your city and your job, I do not do so lightly.

There is a reason for this, your job is to be obedient and allow me to direct you even as I directed Abraham.

I will confirm to you that it is I who is directing you but it is up to you to obey my voice.

When Abraham left his family and his home he did not have much, his blessings, his abundance, his prosperity came after he obeyed my voice.

Was it easy? No! He suffered much for he did not have a home to speak of until I brought him into the land that I deeded to his descendants and even then he was a foreigner, a stranger, an alien in it but he believed me, he trusted me, he obeyed me and it was only after his obedience that his blessings manifested in the physical realm and in the end he was blessed with my presence.

He was my friend, his belief in me was accounted to him for righteousness, he was supernaturally granted an heir and he was rich in silver and gold.

All these things, all of them came after he obeyed.

Will you obey me? For that which you desire is on the other side of your obedience.

It’s your call, stay where you are and live below my expectations for you or be obedient and walk in my abundance.

The choice is yours.

Jesus, Selah.