Bread from the Potter : The Prepared Bride



John 17:14-16, Acts 1:11, Romans 12:1-2, 1 Corinthians 15:52, Philippians 2:10-11, 3:20-21, Colossians 3:2, 1 John 5:19.T

Source: The prepared bride – Bread from the Potter

The prepared bride

Do not fret children, the waiting is almost over. I am right at the door, therefore do not return to your slumber, stay awake for I am about to come back to the earth like I promised so long ago. Do you remember the two angels who were present at my ascension? What did they say? In the same way that I was lifted up, in the very same way I shall return. Do not give up hope we are right at the end of the race. My bride I will not abandon you to a world full of evil for I know your soul will not be able to withstand such wickedness as will invade the earth therefore, I will return to you before your soul despairs unto death at all the evil and wickedness that will invade the earth. Even as I inform you of these things I can see your soul cringe in disgust and despair. My bride has prepared herself for my return, her garments are clean and she does not want to see them stained by the evil that surrounds her. Her soul has already departed from the earth for she is fully heavenly minded, her thoughts are of heaven, her desire is to be by my side. She feels like a stranger upon the earth, earthly possessions no longer give her any pleasure.

She is willing to give up all that she owns in order to come and be with me. Yes, her soul yearns for me and I am well pleased. It is as if she has awoken to who she is, she has finally fully realized that she really is not of this earth. Yes she is still bound to her physical body but she longs to be clothed in my glory.

Not all the silver or gold in the world would make her stay another minute upon the earth. Yes she is ready to come home but listen to what I am saying my beloved, not yet, not yet. I tarry only a little longer that your numbers may be fully accounted for and besides in my mercy I have given man chance after chance to repent.

Do not be dismayed I will not wait forever for the world to repent but in due season at the appointed time at the sound of the trumpet I will return for you, you will be vindicated in the eyes of the church and of the world. What will they say then when they see you being lifted up to me? All the laughter, scoffing and coarse jesting will cease. On that day I will cease the tongues of the naysayers. Every eye will look up and see me and one day every knee will bow at my feet and acknowledge that I am God therefore beloved, keep on looking up with expectancy, your hope will not be put to shame.

I am Jesus, I am your Lord and Savior and I am your hope of glory. I have already prepared a place for you at my table and in my Father’s house now it is just a matter of me coming to fetch you. Though I tarry just a little, wait for me oh faithful bride, keep your lamps burning and full of oil.

I can already see my cubs, like my disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane they slumber and sleep, indeed a deep heavy unnatural sleep has overtaken them. They have believed the lies from the enemy and have drunk from his contaminated cup, a cup filled with a sleeping portion.

My bride do not drink from this cup instead keep looking up I am returning for you, swiftly upon the clouds of heaven I am returning for you. I love you.

Jesus, Amen.