Breaking Agreement with Mind-Binding Spirits – Agapekind


TESTIMONIES: “Just wanna say that I had deliverance (I think its so) from mind binding spirit. While on the broadcast I prayed these prayers. My whole head was on fire. HS show me things from the past ( witchcraft someone did to my brain). But I keep praying. I kept seeing a imahe where this men was putting a glass of water under my bed while I was sleeping. Never knew he doing it, until one day I catch him do it. So I asked him what he is doing and why. He never answer me. Anyway, in my dream I saw this man putting his hand on his hand screaming its enough I’m tired of you.. and I saw his head blowing off. I got so scared that I went to hide in my bathroom?

After that he give me my keys and went away. The next day I still feel my head on fire. In that same dream I heard the HS saying this: For your Maker is your husband the Holy One. I woke up coughing the whole night and I say yes You are my Husband the Holy One of Israel. I went to read it the scripture. Today I listen to it again. I give God all the Glory for deliverance.”