Bringing in the New Year with the King of Glory – Gwendolen Song


Gwendolen Song

1 January 2018

Bringing in the New Year with the King of Glory
Messenger Gwendolen Song
January 1, 2018

Thank You, Lord, for helping us all get through last year. It was an incredible year of learning and a year of progress for the Bride. As I look back on last year, I can say one thing for sure, that the LORD JESUS IS KING OF ALL!

Today I want to give you five tips to help you get your New Year off to a great start. I will begin with the Words that I received from the LORD as I woke this morning.

1.) Begin your day with the Word of God.
This morning as I woke up the LORD said to me, “If you put everything else on hold and begin in My Word, your day will go much more smoothly! Study to show yourself approved to Me, and always ask Me to help you be more motivated to digest My daily manna.” (2 Timothy 2:15, Matthew 6:11).

2.) Deactivate all electronic media from your phone.
This one tip alone will allow others not be interrupted while they are trying to study the Word and commit to more time in prayer. You can always log into your electronic media from your laptop later or manually log in to FB on your phone. It will diminish the temptation to continue to check on statuses and what your other friends are up to. Trust me, it works. It doesn’t seem fair to be more connected with your friends than with the LORD who laid down His life for you. He is a jealous God and does not want anything to come between our quiet time with Him. (Exodus 20:5, James 4:8).

3.) Commit to Bible verse memorization.
Now, this is a great way to kick-start your New Year! Make flash cards and focus on the verses that you really need to meditate on for strength. Remember that the Word of God is alive and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul, joints, and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Many Christians are lacking this component in their walk of faith claiming that they are poor at memorization. Hey, I used to be one of them. I can’t always tell you chapter and verse, but I know that they are contained in the Word. These are the Words that I speak forth when I am in prayer, and the Words of the Creator have more muscle than 20 nuclear bombs! Amen! (2 Timothy 2:15, Hebrews 4:12).

4.) Set boundaries with your friends.
Remove yourself from toxic people and focus more on the family that is beneath your own roof. It is easy for Christians to get involved in the issues of others, even to the point of ignoring the ones that need their very focused attention. You may be dealing with a friend who is struggling with his or her marriage when your own marriage needs mending. Know when you have done all that you can do in encouraging your friends via talking/texting, and commit more time to your own issues. Of course, don’t ever stop fasting and praying for your friends! This is what the Body of Christ is meant to do! (I Thessalonians 4:11, I Peter 5:7).

5.) Take better care of yourself this year.
Your body is the Temple of Christ, and He likes His Temple(s) to remain healthy and clean. Evaluate your sleeping habits, get the medical checkup that you have been putting off for the past ten years, and eat less food. We don’t need to eat as much food as we think we do. Let there be balance in everything we do.

Oh, and while we are on the topic of Temples,…invest in some more respectable attire if you are out there professing the Coming of the LORD with your skin exposed on your chest and your thighs. Represent the LORD with a holy standard of dress this year. Make the LORD proud! (I Corinthians 6:19, Romans 14:13,19, Colossians 3:23-24).

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