Be Careful What Your Ask For Message 454 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Mar 4, 2017

Be Careful What You Ask For Message 454

Last night in a dream, Carl said he was driving in a vehicle and had a rifle in a holster on the door next to him; he said it may have been a four wheeler or a truck that he was driving.

I had a few dreams last night but only remember one for sure. There were quite a few people in a house and it was like we were divided, some of us were on one side of the room and the rest were across from us.

Things seemed to be getting heated between the two sides and all of a sudden a big hole blew out in the wall behind the side of the room I was on.

I then had the knowing it was the Lord that blew it open. He made a door for us to come out of there. I do not think there was any other way out. He made a way to come away from the ones that were against us.

My Children, I tell you, Be Careful What You Ask For, because You Just Might Get It.

There are many that ask to be used, ask for My truth, understanding, and wisdom.

There are many that ask for My anointing, but when I give them what they ask for they freak out.

They shut down or stop Me, saying, “No, this cannot be the Lord.” He would not tell me this, He would not let me go through this etc.

I tell you My Children, there is much you have no idea about, but if I do show you something, or use you, it may not be anything like you thought it should be.

This is why it is so important to stay next to Me, and learn how I lead and teach you.

There is so very much I want to give you, so much I want to teach you, but most of you get in your own way and pull back.

When I lead you to scripture, you need to look at it with an open mind and let Me show you My understanding.

I will show you true if you let Me, but know that not everything I show you will be in scripture, as not everything is in it.

I did reveal things to Daniel that he was told to keep hidden until the appointed time.

There also are things that were not translated correctly, and things that were twisted by the enemy. etc.

Now before you jump up and down, Stop and Listen. No this does not mean that all things are wrong in the bible, but did I not say that My Sheep Know My Voice, did I not say Lean Not Upon Your Own Understanding?

You know that satan was allowed to mess up a lot of things, time, calendars, and many hearts of men followed the spirit that was not of Me, etc.

My point is, Trust In Me to show you My truth and let Me show you the way.

I will lead and guide you true always, and if you are unsure as to what and where I lead you, stay in Me and let Me take you through before you jump off, before you pull back.

I Am with you and there is so little time left for Me to do what I want to do in you and through you. I will always make a way for you to come to Me, to grow, to learn and to follow Me and not the ideas of man.

In Terri’s dream, I blew open a way for her and the ones with her to come away from the ones that came against them; this is what I want of you too.

Do not worry about the ones that do not understand, as I have them, and it is up to every man to come to Me on their own.

Every relationship is personal, and soon, as I have said before, the ones that have trusted Me completely to lead them will shine so very bright.


I know for a lot of us it is hard to come out of our own understanding as until things are reveled to us by God we are very sure we understand things right.
There is so much more being shown us now, and even though we may not be lead to scripture this does not meant it is not from the Lord.
He is the authority, He is the creator of all things and there is much out there that people that are people of God that are not really letting them lead them are making sure they tell others their understanding, buy putting out books, etc.
They have been working in their own understanding and are telling people one thing or another as to how right or wrong something is.
I only know what the Lord has shown me.
Trust the Lord completely as He leads and teaches you. He will never lead you wrong as even through someone else may be right this may not always be something the Lord wants you to get into.
Let Him lead you and if you are unsure press in closer and He will show you the way.
I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that every soul know the Lord, that all are opened and receive all that is of Him and truly trust Him to lead their way.
That His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven, in everyone and in everything.
God bless you all and I love you.