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Biblical prophecies linked to current events happening in the world


REVEALING GOD’S TREASURE – RON WYATT – Ark Of The Covenant – Noah’s Ark –  Dead Sea Crossing & MORE!! Jamie Whittaker Published on 8 Jan 2015 Noah’s Ark can be found at co-ordinates 39°26.470 N, 44°14.110 E For more info visit: I’ve learned you’re not always going to hear the truth, even from […]

Israel’s Two State Solution Has Been Signed

Steven Ben-Nun Published on 9th June, 2016 As shocking as this may be it is true that a Two State solution has been reached, but has not gone public. Inside information has uncovered the evidence who signed the Two State Solution deal and when it was signed. It also appears that there are those in […]

‘Solomon’s Palace’ discovered in Israel…

Revelation Revealed 4 September 2016 Solid evidence has once again been unearthed proving that passages from the Bible were based on actual historical events. A team of archaeologists has discovered a palatial building in Gezer, Israel, which the discoverers named “Solomon’s Palace,” according to New Historian. The spectacular building was constructed over 3,000 years ago, […]

World in chaos, Israel gets singular focus at UN

 StandWithUs  13th June, 2016 Finally, AP (Associated Press) takes note of the stunning hypocrisy displayed in the United Nations with their Israel obsession. “Wars in Iraq, Syria and Yemen have killed hundreds of thousands of people. Enforced disappearances, torture and extremist attacks infringe on human rights worldwide…But while human rights abuses are legion in these […]

Bible Museum To let Bible ‘SPEAK FOR ITSELF’

Bible Museum To let Bible ‘SPEAK FOR ITSELF’ ‘Trying to provide a learning experience without controlling the outcome’ When the Museum of the Bible opens its doors to the public about a year from now, it will feature eight floors of exhibits and resources documenting the narrative, history and impact of the Bible that would […]