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Samsung issues 6G vision in new white paper

EMFSA 18 July 2020 New technology concepts that may be incorporated into 6G include native AI and the use of extremely high radio frequencies. https://www.emfsa.co.za/…/samsung-issues-6g-vision-in-new-…/ Samsung Research has published a 6G white paper, outlining the company’s vision on the next generation of mobile technology. The paper describes Samsung’s view of how 6G may be developed […]

5G is just the tip of the iceberg

17 Jul 2018 ScottiesTech.Info 5G is coming, and people are worried. Well, should we be? To answer that question, we need to know what studies have been done on the safety of microwave-frequency digital radio transmissions. We need to look at WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, and 4G studies, as well! After all, much of the concern […]