Underwater Alien City In Tasmania

Mike Jasper Published on 31 Dec 2012 Would you look at that, and its right under their noses! This is a populated area, and it doesn’t appear these people have a clue whats under their lake!!! Don’t you love digital photography?!!

RFID Chip is the Mark of the Beast! – Elvi Zapata

RFID Chips, Tattoo, Pill, Tag

Elvi Zapata insisted not to take RFID Chips. He said the RFID chips are the Mark of the Beast. Once you get it, you can not go to heaven. He got a contact from a young man who got a RFID chip. He prayed to God. He also asked his friend to pray. God said that He was not allowed to enter to heaven once you have it. RFID chips or Verichip whatever it called, we should not get it. It is better to die if situation not allow to refuse it. During the Great Tribulation, people have to choose RFID chip or death. You have to choose not to have this RFID chips in any circumstances!