Top vaccine scientist warns the world: HALT all covid-19 vaccinations immediately…

Source: A top vaccine scientist named Geert Vanden Bossche, who has worked with numerous vaccine corporations and organizations including GAVI, is sounding the alarm over the mass vaccination of populations around the world with covid-19 vaccines. He says covid-19 vaccines are “brilliant” medicine and insists they do work on an individual level, but says […]


31 Mar 2021 Seho Song Rhema Word: A Warning for the End Time Messengers of the Lord Jesus Gwendolen Song March 30, 2021 There is an enemy in your camp! There is an enemy in your camp! You believe that all are of Me. You interview them on your shows/channels. Again I say, Do not […]

The War Between the Flesh and the Spirit – Apostle ID

23 Jan 2021 Warfare Mindset with Apostle ID In this Channel, IDEMUDIA GUOBADIA (Apostle ID) shares deep insights and revelations from the Word of God with a view to bringing Salvation, Healing, Discipleship and Deliverance to all. Idemudia Guobadia (ID) is Lead Pastor at Overcomers In Christ Group of Churches. He has been raised up […]