Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 2

The Lord Jesus Christ discloses the Heavenly alphabet to Yolin. She attends the magnificent Heavenly School along with myriads of other scholars. The enormous School consists of massive buildings with multiple levels of storeys, so high that their tops could not be seen. Here she is taught many things, such as the key pronunciations and speech pattern of the Heavenly alphabet and how to toil the soil with her bare hands.

The Heavenly School now appears to be a Majestic Palace, elegantly decorated, where the taps are made of a unique, uncut diamonds and the Teachers are tall, Holy Beings.

On the way there, Jesus appears disguised as a brave, young, fighting Warrior and excitedly communicates with Yolin who does not realize that it is the Lord Jesus. However, he is instantly recognised by the Teachers and they pay him the greatest homage, for the King was in their midst.

Entering the Palace, Yolin then joins a group of enthusiastic students who were being lectured in great depth about the Heavenly Principles of Spiritual Warfare, by a very tall, Holy Being.

She finally becomes interested in Spiritual Warfare as its importance had been impressed upon her mind. The Holy Spirit convicts her that the Teacher had provided the Title to this script i.e. “Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe” which reflects the Message of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is then that she felt a surge deep within her spirit, that this was her “Call”.

Over the coming months, Yolin continues to attend God’s Heavenly School where she learns about the mathematical system used in Heaven and the Biology of Plants. She experiences many visions in which she unknowingly encounters Jesus in many different guises. He is never very far away from her; always ready to talk to her and guide her.

She meets her guardian angel, visits the glorious, awe-inspiring Heavenly Gardens, and is instructed in how to nurture a little frail, premature baby.

Book 2 – Curses Part Two

During the first week of August 2007, while travailing in prayer; the Lord Jesus came and prompted in my heart. He showed me that this portion of the script was headed Part Two of Chapter Two. It’s the morning 10th May 2007, the Lord Jesus disclosed a picturesque scene and from a distance there appeared […]

Book 2 – School in Heaven: Majestic Palace

It’s the morning 22nd May 2007, I was unaware that it was the Lord Jesus, disguised as a young Warrior, distinguished in fighting, who came walking towards me. All at once I developed a deep-felt affection towards Him. In the vision upon my bed, I saw myself with a group of scholars in a double-decker […]

Book 2 – Title of this Script given by an Angel

We continued to walk until we reached a flight of stairs which led to a basement. Another group of students were being lectured by a very tall Holy Being. We joined this group of students who radiated with enthusiasm. Their undivided concentration grew while the Teacher walked and preached in detail about Spiritual Warfare. I […]

Book 2 – Invitation to Royal Ball

It is 18th July 2007 in a night vision upon my bed, stood a cottage in a reserved, peaceful neighborhood. In the living room I held an invitation in my hand. While absorbing its contents I knew that it was an Invitation to a Ball. Although the eye-catching embossed white card was blank, everyone in […]

Book 2 – Court in Heaven

In a night vision of 22nd July, I saw Believers who beyond their human reasoning were so wrapped in their intrigues, working satanic influences. Impiously, they had an underhand plot using demonic powers to evict my family from the rented dwelling. Mom had laid her case before the Court in Heaven. Presently, I was taken […]

Book 2 – Spirit of Greed – End Times

In a vision of the night 24th August, the Lord Jesus gave me Spirit insight of greed during the End- Times. Observing, I stood outside a building which had an open foyer structure. The large public room and open front entrance was splendidly decorated. I observed the hustle and bustle of the ladies and gentlemen […]

Book 2 – Training Camp

The following night I saw in a Spirit vision that I was at a Training Camp. The site stretched over many miles through jungles. The Great Divide was a boundary between life and death which I faced. Presently, I stood in the middle of a jungle with a very large group. We were in the […]

Book 2 – Jesus Emitted Rays of Splendid Light

In a morning Spirit vision of 22nd September 2007, I was with the Lord Jesus. The Heavenly Garden splendidly arrayed, gave the sensation of a place of complete happiness. Elegant wooden benches added luster. I watched as just a few people walked around, also observing that there were chalets which enhanced the scenery. I turned […]

Book 2 – A fire devours before them and behind them a flame burns

During the second week of October, in yet another Spirit vision of the morning, once again I saw the whole Earth consumed by visible combustion. Great fires fell from the firmament and brilliant orange-red colors were shooting from beneath. Countries burst into untold glowing flames. The suddenness of inextinguishable fires running wildly had caused the […]