Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 3

In a vision, Yolin is shown that Believers are the ones on earth to exercise authority over the devil. When Jesus arose from the dead He immediately took His Authority on earth and delegated it to His Church. He said that “in My Name they shall cast out devils”. [Mark 16:15–17].

All of God’s Power is invested in the Name of Jesus. The prince of all the darkness knows that he has to bow to the Power and Authority of the Name of Jesus. Not only in this age and in this world but also in the age and the world which are to come.

However, many Believers suffer through lack of knowledge – they are ignorant of the authority given to them in the Name of Jesus. Satan has obscured this vital knowledge, blinding their understanding because he knows that if people only knew and exercised their rightful authority in Jesus’ Name, they could be set free from Satan’s spiritual bondage.

In her visions, Yolin is helped several times by a Man who mysteriously appears when she is in danger. Jesus, in different disguises watches over Yolin, keeping her safe under his protective wing.

Yolin’s mom has a Spirit dream in which she and Yolin undergo in-depth, intensive training in how to protect themselves and others against the satanic onslaught.

In another vision, Yolin and Brother Michael ride upon an enormous, wild War Horse which she has to learn to restrain with special training. The Horse is symbolic of the New Movement which he has been called to start.

The spiritual warfare in which they are engaged, increases and intensifies. Mysterious, hostile enemies appear, and Yolin and her mom are constantly and persistently bombarded by demonic assaults and their property defiled with occult objects. Fierce battles ensue, and they overcome the satanic forces and break the curses of witchcraft, again and again, by pleading the Life and Power of the Blood of the Lamb of God.
The Lord has given them two powerful weapons – His Blood and His Word. These weapons cannot fail and Satan understands that he cannot fight against them.

Once more, Yolin finds herself back in the School of Heaven, having to write a test along with other students. Back in the natural realm, the Joy of the Lord fills her and she is granted a Spirit of Wisdom.

Book 3: Covenant for Protection

It is the 10th April, 7:25 in the evening, our electricity switched off. Looking out, I saw that everyone’s lights were burning but I noticed the mysterious enemy hiding. She had poured a cursing fierce stare upon the place we had rented. It appeared that she was waiting for a result and when everything went […]

Book 3: Father honours “The Blood Covenant”

It is the night of 19th May; I heard thumping on the rooftop and knew that these Satanists had astral projected trying to enter into our place on three different occasions. The Holy Spirit had prompted mom to seal the house and break every incantation. When she obeyed the command, the Power of God responded. […]

Book 3: Mental Blinders

It is the 16th day of the month; once again I was taken into a morning vision and was on a rescue mission with two others. We were to rescue a boy about ten years of age who was being kept hostage. On arriving, we noticed that the child was standing at the window, edgy […]

Book 3: Mighty War Horses

It is the morning of the 7th day of the month; I was shown by the Lord that three Mighty War Horses appeared outside our house. They were very broad and enormous showing their rippling muscles. They were pulling an enormous cart behind them. I could only see the horses for they had filled the […]

Book 3: School called Heaven

The morning of the 3rd August, I was riding in a bus; next to me sat the tempter. He was trying to gain my attention asking me whether I would bear his child. He became persistent as I pushed him away. Turning to look out I noticed that the bus was riding in the air. […]

Book 3: I AM this Burning Flame

The morning of the 10th , mom was meditating on the Word of God when she was taken into a trance. Bright lights flickering like unto a burning fire appeared before her eyes. She closed her eyes expecting the vision to fade away but it became the more real to her. Opening her eyes again […]

Book 3: Schizophrenic

On the morning of the 13th, a desperate knock came to the door. Brother Loie awoke and went to investi­gate. While he was gone the Lord told mom to prepare; hurriedly she obeyed. He was found lying uncon­scious. Immediately, she began rebuking the demonic attack. As he tried to communicate his tongue had gotten so […]

Book 3: I will send Holy Fire

It is the 27th November 2008; now I refer to the 10th September. Mom was reading the book “The Torch and the Sword” written by Rick Joyner when suddenly the Voice spoke to her spirit as she read on page 39. I quote, “You can set nations on Fire with this Torch. This is the […]

Book 3: Perfect Will

It is the 15th day of the month; mom was interceding as to why many of God’s children are dying because of lack of knowledge. Now for many days, she would weep before the Father for the source. This morning His Voice spoke to her and said, “Many of My children are walking in My […]