Warfare Prayers

Prayers to fight the spiritual realm

Gwendolen Song : Warrior Prayer (by David Feddes)

Gwendolen Song 15 January 2021 Warrior Prayer (David Feddes) Napoleon once said, “An army marches on its stomach.” He didn’t mean that soldiers always crawl on their bellies. He meant that troops need good meals in their stomachs in order to march to victory. No matter how brilliant the generals, no matter how brave the […]

Prayer: Breaking The Spirit Of Betrayal

Heartdwellers shared a post. 12 Augut 2020 Breaking The Spirit of Betrayal Thank You, Lord, for delivering me from the enemies in my midst. As those whom God causes me to knit with walk in godly communion, all divisiveness will be identified and separated from our midst. The spirit of paradidomi (betrayal) will not deliver […]


https://www.theblazingholyfire.com/post/powerful-prayer-guidelines-against-the-spirit-of-covid-19 FIRST AND FOREMOST, IT HAS TO BE A PRAYER OF REPENTANCE… (2 Chronicles 7:14) This week, BHF Royal Holy Warriors did an intensive 24×7 day of prayer against COVID-19. Here below is the guideline we used. Feel free to share with everyone. Repent for the sins of pastors and those who shepherd God’s flock […]