Satan’s Secrets

For those who have ears to hear…

Richard Vobes 14 May 2023 (1661) This is so important! – YouTube LINKS: International Covid Summit III – part 1 – European Parliament, Brussels (First speaker – D. Martin at about 13 minutes) International Covid Summit III – part 2 – European Parliament, Brussels Summary: (1661) MEPs, Dr. Robert Malone & Byram Bridle […]

The Mark of AI: 2030 – ∞ Future Timeline of The Beast & ASI

AI News 18 Apr 2023 AI News April 2023 This is artificial intelligence becoming artificial super intelligence, and its mark on man in the form of brain computer interface chip to create a new world order where no one can buy or sell without it. Deep Learning AI Specialization: AI Marketplace: Timestamps: 0:00 […]

Billy Crone – The End of Humanity

BRMinistries 10 Jul 2021 #EndTimes #EndofHumanity There was a time not too long ago where the subjects discussed today were merely science fiction. Humans and animal DNA mixed together … trees that glow in the dark … weaponized insects … a pig with a human brain … super-soldiers who never get tired … But as […]

Billy Crone – The Technology of the Antichrist

BRMinistries 16 Apr 2021 #Antichrist #Technology #BillyCrone Website: | Date: The “new electricity” has arrived, but it’s hardly the long-awaited utopia the world imagines. AI is in the process of taking over every aspect of society. Self-driving cars, robotic surgery, lightning-fast communication, … it all sounds so good. But the Bible tells us how […]

For those who have ears to hear…

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