Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 6

Yolin’s mom, Cindy, is approached by and helps a destitute Muslim couple who have been living on the streets for 3 years. One bitterly cold winter’s night they knock on her door and out of sympathy for their desperate need, she brings them in and begins to minister to them, leading each one into the sinner’s prayer, and giving them a Bible.

Shortly afterwards, Yolin and Cindy come under heavy demonic attack by the most evil demons beyond anyone’s imagination. Again and again, they find themselves plunged into fierce, intense spiritual warfare; they battle against evil spirits so overpowering that Cindy has to request that the Father sends Michael the Archangel and Gabriel the Archangel, to help protect them against this mighty onslaught from the depths of Hell. This request was granted; the two mighty heavenly beings – fierce and terrible in Power and Might appeared; one would remain at their side to protect them while the other would patrol the house.

In a vision, Yolin sees herself and her mom standing in front of a terrible door – a Blazing Holy Fire Door – from which an orange-yellow-red heat of the Fire emanated with an extreme and unbearable intensity. The following day she observes that the Door has opened to receive her and her mom – the Lord had allowed the Door to open to receive them. They experience a feeling of profound sorrow mingled with an indescribable melancholy.
It takes three days for them to enter the Tunnel of the Blazing Holy Fire during which they experience severe spiritual pain and terribleness. Only the Lord Jesus could have made it possible for them to enter the Tunnel otherwise they would have been utterly consumed by the Holy Fire. The deeper they enter the Tunnel, the more the Love of the Father burned in their hearts. Just to experience the Father’s Love made all the difference.

In an open Spirit vision, Yolin is shown a huge, sharp, two-edged Sword which shone in all God’s Glory and Power so that it blinded her eyes. The dimensions of the Sword were immeasurable – its length reached beyond the sky and its width and depth could not be discerned. Her spirit knew that this Great and Mighty Sword had been given to Christ End-Time Ministries.

At the beginning of 2012, Yolin is shown in a night vision that she once more attended the school in Heaven. The school appeared bigger than any mansion on earth; the classrooms on the ground level stretched for miles with multiple levels that reached into the sky. This was the first school of its type and they were the first set of pupils to attend the school.
The class was being taught by a very tall teacher who looked like an angel. During the lesson, they hear thumping and terrible noises in the adjoining classroom. The teacher ignored it but the pupils knew that it was demon spirits which they were going to engage with! As they graduated from one grade to another, they were to fight these demons. With each new class, the battles against demonic darkness and powers became worse and worse. The higher the grade, the more terrible the battles raged. Her team graduated until they reached the first class on the second level of this unique school.

Book 6 – School in Heaven

At the beginning of this year, 2012, I was shown in a night vision upon my bed; I saw that I attended school. The school appeared bigger than any mansion the earth has seen. The classrooms on the ground level stretched for miles. The next set of classrooms was on level 1 and then the […]

Book 6 – Tunnel of Blazing Holy Fire

On the morning of the 8th August, mom earnestly prayed to the Father to grant us the highest level of the Blazing Holy Fire, together with the highest level of Holy Electricity and also the highest level of Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit.  She also requested the highest level of the gift of Spiritual […]

Book 6 – Curses Part 6

Ezekiel 7:5-6  Thus says the Lord God: Behold, an evil is coming, [an evil so destructive and injurious, so sudden and violent, that it stands alone, not as a succession but as ] only one evil. An end has come! The end has come! [The end-after sleeping so long] awakes against you. See, it has […]

Book 6 – The Game Solitary / John Chapter 15

Meanwhile, I was slyly playing the game on my cell-phone called Solitary. I spent hours playing the jacks, queens, kings and spades game. Mom had said to me, “Yolin, I once saw on TV that the Hindu people were worshipping these very images.” These images are gods to the Hindus but I don’t know what […]

Book 6 – The demon – death is defeated

Early one morning, he came knocking at our door – the helicopter had brought back the S.A. Navy crew from Zimbabwe. Mom counseled him for a while because he had looked death in the face as the bomb exploded. He sustained a few injuries but his faith had soared. While mom prayed for him, the […]

Book 6 – Fierce battle in the Second Heaven

That night, to our surprise, Brother Michael Bailey stood knocking at the front door. He had flown in from Zimbabwe and went to Simon’s Town Naval Base; afterwards, he came to see mom. While they were chatting, I told mom that ‘Death’, old fish-head, had followed the Brother once again. I became very sick. Once […]

Book 6 – Electricity of the Holy Spirit

In a vision of the 17th August, I beheld a room filled with clouds. Coming from the thick clouds were electric currents. The volts flashing through the billowing clouds were enormous and powerful. My spirit knew that mom and I were to enter the Holy Electricity Room. I also saw in another vision that I […]

Book 6 – Intense Warfare

Mom was reading about Pastor Kim Yong Doo, Book 4, from the laptop when all of a sudden, I was taken into a vision. I was shown through the Spirit of God, the actual event this Brother was facing in Simon’s Town. In the vision, this Brother’s wife was in a black circle surrounded by […]

Book 6 – Blazing Holy Fire Door Opened

The previous day, a Blazing Holy Fire Door had appeared at a distance. Now, I beheld it as I stood in front of the Door Blazing with Holy Fire. The heat of the Fire emanated with such extreme intensity. It blazed with an orange-yellow-red heat. I stood in front of this terrible yet unbearable Door […]

Book 6 – Tunnel of the Blazing Holy Fire

After three days of severe spiritual pain and terribleness, I told her what the Lord had allowed me to see in these visions. It had taken three days for us to enter the Tunnel of the Blazing Holy Fire. Only the Lord Jesus could make it possible for us to enter the Tunnel of the […]