Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 7

In October 2012, in an open vision, Yolin sees one of the kings of Hell – an indescribable, hideous-looking thing. It follows them around the house, rattling every door and emanating a stinking, rotten smell. Rebuking has little effect until the Lord reveals a new weapon to them to deal with this obnoxious evil – the mixing of the Holy Fire with the Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit! They sit worshipping the Great God Jehovah as the odious evil spirit fled.

One Saturday night, the Holy Spirit reveals to Cindy that every ritual that had been placed over Christ End-Time Ministries and its leaders should be broken. It is also revealed to her that the Muslim couple to whom she had ministered previously and had given Bibles to do Scriptural studies, had used them for a satanic ritual.

The Ministry had been taken down to Hell by two kings of Hell; there the Ministry had been nailed to an ancient occult cross, caged and placed into Hell’s fires. The two kings of Hell were to stand guard over it.
Seeking the Father earnestly in prayer, Cindy asks for forgiveness for the keys of the Ministry having been stolen by Satan through the Muslim couple who had been skilfully manipulated by the ten kings of Hell. She asks the Father to set His Ministry free, to harken unto His Son, who is “The Attorney” of the Ministry.

Thanking the Father in Jesus’ Name, she sends forth the Holy Fire of the Triune God combined with the Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit to clear the pathway into Hell to where the Ministry is caged. Angels of Holy Fire accompany her as she casts in the Life Line in Jesus’ Holy Name, to hoist up the keys of Christ End-Time Ministries. Victorious, she commends the Ministry together with the keys into the Holy Hands of the Father.

In yet another vision, Yolin sees herself being attacked by a powerful force that looks like the Holy Spirit. How does one rebuke the Holy Spirit? With hands lifted high they once again mix the Holy Fire with the Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit to destroy the army of darkness massed around their house and to lock the false spirit into a spiritual cage.

In November 2012, Yolin finds herself in a Spirit vision in which she and her mom are walking through the streets of a shanty town. They find that the entire place is densely populated by very wicked spirits – a type of evil that possessed both great and small.
Suddenly, people began running wildly in the streets, becoming hysterical as great fearsomeness and terror swept through. An unknown, invisible power moved through swiftly and with authority. In the madness of the moment, four Muslim women rush into the shanty in which they are. It is then that the Holy Spirit reveals to them the purpose for which they had been sent to this shanty town.

In a Spirit vision of the 5th December 2012, Yolin is mesmerised by a gigantic ball of fire the size of the earth itself suspended in the sky, giving forth great streaks of lightning and exploding with the fierceness of unquenchable fires. A revelation enters her spirit and she understands that these are not demonic fires but God’s Mighty Wrath pouring out. Another sign appears – out of the Fires of God’s Wrath comes forth another huge Fire. Together with her mom, they stand awestruck and speechless as God’s Holy Fire formed an enormous blazing Cross.

Book 7 – Spiritual Demonic Rape

During this time, I was given a vision of the night, in which I was in a certain place. While asleep, a spell was cast over me insomuch that I could not move or wake up. Instantly, I was viciously attacked by a tokolorsie. This thing was viciously jumping on me and punching me. I […]

Book 7 – Spirit that looks like the Holy Spirit

During the wee hours of Sunday morning, I had not slept; there was such terribleness hanging in the air. Mom had dozed off utterly exhausted; every time I would hear tick, tick in the roof. When I told her, she rebuked that evil spirit. I drifted off into a deep slumber and saw myself being […]

Book 7 – Special Event

During the second week of November 2012, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that a special event would occur before or on the 3rd December 2012. I knew that it would be my birthday and looked forward to that day. The Holy Spirit also told me that 2013 would be a year with a difference. […]

Book 7 – Werewolf

The following Monday night of November 13th, as I sat on mom’s bed, I experienced excruciating pains across my back. As mom prayed for me, I told her that I saw a demon wolf in a vision. This evil spirit had huge fangs. I told her that minutes ago, my body became a Fireball. We […]

Book 7 – The Destroyer the Angel of Death

On the morning of the 21st November, I was in a Spirit vision in which a certain place appeared. Mom and I were walking through the streets of a shanty town. The entire place was densely populated by very wicked spirits. This type of evil had possessed both great and small. While approaching one of […]

Book 7 – End-Time Weapons

During the second last week of November, the Lord Jesus warned me in several visions. I was shown that the king of Hell had entered drug merchants who operated in our neighbourhood. They were using very powerful occult methods. A 24 hours, 7 days merciless onslaught broke out causing me to almost collapse. I don’t […]

Book 7 – Fire of God’s Holy Wrath

In a Spirit vision of the 5th December 2012, I had just walked outside into the garden at my grandparents’ place. I was dumbstruck at what appeared to be a huge ball of fire. It was the size of the earth itself and was suspended in the sky. The amount of pressure released was mind-boggling; […]

Book 7 – Twelve kings of Hell

We had heard that our neighbour’s son was acting very strange. Mom had warned his mother that her son, unknowingly, through lust had got involved with a Satanist. This morning the 16th December, I awoke very sick, forewarned in a Spirit dream. I had heard an explosion in the spirit realm; a frightful looking king […]

Book 7 – Huge Balls of Fire falling onto the Earth

The following day, I opened my eyes from a frightful Divine Revelation. I saw falling from the sky, huge balls of fire. God’s Holy Wrath came upon all – great and small, old and young fled in terror. The living disappeared within seconds as huge fires melted and utterly destroyed the wicked. I opened my […]

Book 7 – Demon called Panther

In the wee hours of the 27th December, I opened my eyes, shaken; I called out to my mother. In a Spirit vision, a certain person (I understood to be mom) and I were out strolling. The entire village was controlled by a sect who hunted down any pregnant female. This person accompanying me was […]