Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 8

In a Spirit vision in January 2013, Yolin sees a great city before her and an enormous inferno; the moment of desperation had come – the End of all Ends had arrived. Jesus appears above the terrible inferno, standing on a cloud, His garment shining like the Sun, His hands outstretched to accept His chosen ones – those who were ‘Rapture Ready’. Suddenly, Yolin realises that she has been left behind; devastated, she knows that she has to face the inescapable consequences as the towering inferno sweeps over the entire city.

For several weeks, Yolin and her mom awake battered and bruised and in constant pain following heavy demonic attacks in their sleep; it seemed like they were fighting a constant, losing battle. Each morning seems worse than the previous, until Cindy blesses and honours the Lord for the storms that they are experiencing – every pain disappears instantly as the Lord responds.

In February, Yolin has a night vision in which the heavens scrolled open and she could see into Eternity. She hears the Voice of Jesus speaking from Heaven and watches as a beautiful, golden-brown, wooden box adorned with exquisite carvings descends directly from the Lord into her hands. The Father had sent a gift to Christ End-Time Ministries.

Taken into a morning vision, Yolin sees that the Believers of Christ End-Time Ministries walking through the arid wilderness, heavily laden and moving ponderously. Whilst deep in prayer, one morning, Jesus suddenly speaks to Cindy, saying, “The Wilderness – teach My children survival skills.”
The wilderness has such dense darkness that in order to survive Believers are to eat and drink ONLY Jesus, to focus ONLY on Him. Believers will be thoroughly and exceedingly tested, tempted and challenged by spirits dwelling in the wilderness. Satan will attack them with everything he has using these wilderness spirits to deceive them.
However, Jesus overcame Satan and possesses the Keys and all Authority over the Wilderness – ONLY He can take His Warrior Bride out of the Wilderness, but first they must pass through the process of being cleansed, purified and sanctified in the wilderness.

In June 2013, unable to discern the mystery of the intense spiritual warfare they were experiencing, the Believers of Chris End Time Ministries sought the absolute Truth through earnest fasting and prayer. There were times when they underwent spiritual dryness and total exhaustion, some to the point of a nervous breakdown.
Finally, the Lord Jesus gives them a glimpse into the mystery of the intense warfare. While waiting with a group to board a train, Yolin sees a dirty, greenish midget coming up from beneath the earth. The demon exerted unusual great power such that the loathsome vileness of its presence caused a drastic change in the weather. Thick, dark clouds gathered ominously in the blue sky.
Evil poured from the eyes of this thing. Although the others could not see it, they felt the obnoxious, evil presence which hung heavily in the atmosphere. Sarcastically, it revealed its identity, “I come from under the ocean!” Yolin’s spirit knew that this demon referred to the ‘City under the ocean.’

Book 8 – Demon of Persecution

In a Spirit vision on the morning of the 24th March, because of a great commotion, I looked out and saw Christians fleeing in every direction. Not knowing the cause of their panic which hung heavily, I continued looking. Suddenly, the entire atmosphere became heavy. A demonic force moved in atoms. This thing was so […]

Book 8 – How Demons kidnap souls

It is the 6th June 2013; mom was unable to put into words, the mystery of intense warfare. We had been in earnest prayer seeking absolute Truth. Each Believer at Christ End-Time Ministries underwent such terribleness, some to the point of a nervous breakdown. On reaching high peaks of intense warfare, Divine Anointing of the […]

Book 8 – Taken to Hell

During the wee hours of the 14th July 2013, I was taken into a Spirit vision. There appeared to be a tall, blonde woman playing with seven baby hamsters. While watching her, severe pain attacked my heart; as I fell on my knees, I grabbed my chest. My face distorted in agony as I called […]

Book 8 – Bless the Lord for the storms

For several weeks, mom and I awoke under heavy demonic attacks. Our poor bruised and battered bodies were in constant pain. It seemed as though we were fighting a losing battle, especially in our sleep. Each morning was worse than the previous until mom wept on her knees, “Thank You Lord… Thank You Jesus… Thank […]

Book 8 – When the Lord’s Conditions are met

The intensity of the battles raged, when I was taken into another vision of the night. I saw an African witchdoctor who was in the process of performing rituals over my sleeping form. Later, I witnessed that he grew more and more earnest. Dancing over me was no longer a witchdoctor, but the image of […]

Book 8 – Kidnapped Souls City under the Earth

The following week, while asleep, I literally felt my spirit sinking through the bed. As I continued sinking through the ground, I found myself in an unknown place. There was just enough light to allow me to see the vastness of this place. Reader, this unknown place stretched for miles and miles in whatever direction […]

Book 8 – 30 Foot Sword plus extra measure of Grace

In a night vision of the 11th February 2013, as the heavens scrolled open, I could see into Eternity. Then the Voice of Jesus spoke out of Heaven saying, “I Am giving this Ministry an extra weapon plus an extra portion of My Grace.”  Immediately, there appeared a beautiful, golden-brown wooden box. I watched as […]

Book 8 – Nightmare of Zombies marked 666

In a Spirit dream of the 27th April, once again I was participating in an illustration. My spirit was convicted that the Rapture had taken place and I was left behind. There seemed to be no time to be disappointed, only survival moments before me. I looked out and noticed a huge crowd of so […]

Book 8 – The Book of the Dead

During the first week of December, I was shown in a Spirit dream, of a certain matter. Mom and I were at my grandmother’s place together with this person. On gathering, she produced a book and handed it over to us. On the cover, we read “The Book of the Dead”, so we began paging […]