Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 11

On the night of the 24th January 2015, Yolin and her mom decide to watch an old video download of the Secret Society. While watching it they suddenly find themselves in the midst of raging intense warfare. Every abomination associated with the Secret Society, the Illuminati, the coven called skull and bones etc. had manifested into their place from the video. Requesting the 30 foot Sword that the Father had granted them and donning God’s whole armour, they battle against all powers, principalities, evil forces and spiritual wickedness activated through this unrepented sin. Utterly exhausted, bodies covered in burns and excruciating pains, it was almost five a.m. in the morning when they finally closed their eyes.

On the morning of the 30th January, Yolin is taken into a Spirit revelation and is shown that their school year had ended. Only a handful of students had actually made it through the entire course. To complete Level One, two more very different types of classes awaited them – mind-boggling in their revelation. In one Spirit dream, Yolin is shown a vicious demon dog, spittle dripping from its fangs in vehemence and frothing at the mouth in its utter madness, preparing to attack her. In other Spirit dreams she is shown mind-warping revelations concerning demon, demon and human, and human until she collapsed, utterly sick for weeks. The type of class they were going to face next was beyond human understanding!

On 23rd March 2015, a midget appears to Yolin while she is at home with her relatives. He comes and goes unhindered amongst them and on each occasion asks her to marry him. He persistently proposes to her day after day until she agrees and finds herself entering into a strange existence that she can’t escape from. He takes her in her spirit form to meet his mother and while hovering in space she sees that the entire earth is shrouded with a dark, grey, thick mist and covered with slinky funnels which she knows lead to Hell.
With a tremendous sense of relief, she realises that they are flying down past the outside of a funnel and into the deepest part of the ocean to the ocean floor. They sink into it and she finds herself in a strange eerie world in which there is no night or day, in which time did not seem to exist, a place full of murky swamps infused with an atmosphere of thick, diabolical, reddish, fiendish flames, and in the midst of this hellish place was an enormous city. She had arrived in the World of the Gnomes! She knew that once she entered the city there would be a marriage and she would never be able to return to earth again.

Book 11: Sent Back to Help Believer Left Behind

In the second revelation, I was shown that it was the Tribulation, and I had arrived in a certain place. My Spirit knew that I had been Raptured and had been sent back to help Believers who were left behind. Along the way, I met another young man who had also been sent back for […]

Book 11: Raging Intense Warfare

Chapter Three Continuation of Exorcism On the morning of the 22nd January 2015, another Spirit vision loomed before me, in which five of the members of Christ End-Time Ministries were in camp upon a beautiful high mountain. On the night of the 24th, I had an urge to watch one of the video downloads which […]

Book 11: Entering a Different Type of Class

On the morning of the 30th January, I was once again taken into another Spirit Revelation and was shown that the year had ended. I had climbed the stairway to the first level and had entered the present classroom. There were so few who arrived, although I knew that at the start of that year […]

Book 11: A Certain Pastor became Demon Possessed

Mom said, “Yolin, let us each pray separately for confirmation about matters.” While in earnest prayer, I was looking into the Spirit realm, when I saw a five-pointed star within a circle. The huge head of a goat (Baphomet) hovered above the blackness of it all.   Immediately, I rushed to the bathroom as my […]

Book 11: World of The Gnomes

During the wee hours of the 23rd March, I was to participate in an illustration not yet known to mankind. While at home together with my relatives and mother, I watched as a midget moved amongst us. This small person came and went unhindered and on each occasion asked me to marry him. I do […]

Book 11: Python

For months on end mom and I fought a tiring battle which took us into a forty day fast and sincere repentance day and night. Towards the end of the fast the following was revealed. In a Spirit dream, the bus arrived back at school with only a few who had attended a camp. How […]

Book 11: Holy Altars and Unholy Altars

The following morning, I gathered with my mother and shared with her the following: Before praying the prayer given to me by my cousin, I browsed through it and read its heading: BELIEVERS HAVING ALTARS & PRAYERS  Before I started to pray, he said, “Read SUMMARY ON ALTARS.”  It appeared very to the point, but […]

Book 11: Salt Covenants

The spiritual violence reached a severe point, especially at night; sleep left both mom and me. During the wee hours of Monday the 23rd February, I told mom that the atmosphere of Hell itself with all its kings were present and that the entire house was beyond unbearable. Yes, she went about rebuking, but to […]

Book 11:The Terribleness about the Rapture

Yet in another vision, I was allowed to experience the frightful reality that in a split moment of time, I not only had to face an unrepented matter but also its terribleness. The great overwhelming intensity that the Rapture was about to happen caused me to fall on my knees repenting bitterly. In that moment, […]