Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 13


In a Spirit dream, Yolin sees that both her and her mom have been raptured. However, they understood that the Holy Lord had sent them back to help those who had missed the rapture and were left behind. The first thing they see back on earth was that there were more demons than human beings. The only humans were the ones who were actually working with demons and demon spirits which took on the appearance of humans. The sight was so hideous, shocking and mind-crushing that no earthly terms can describe it. Her spirit knew that these were the hordes of hell that would be released from the pits of gloom during the Tribulation.

In a Spirit Revelation, Yolin finds herself standing in front of an entrance to a secret tunnel. Several people come rushing out goggle-eyed and in a terrible state of fear. With a sense of trepidation and great determination she enters the dark tunnel and finds that it leads to the ocean bed. She is stunned when she reaches a pure white stairway that led into a magnificent elegant city where everything is pristine and immaculately arrayed in white décor. Before her looms a beautiful palace with a short path of gold leading to it. Overjoyed, she thinks she has finally reached Heaven! Suddenly, shockwaves rend the air and human-like forms appear, in a fit of rage and start chasing her trying to capture her. She had discovered Satan’s closely guarded secret that must not be allowed to be revealed to the inhabitants of the earth. With the evil hordes of hell hot on her heels, she only manages to escape through the Lord’s great Mercy and Grace.

In another Spirit Revelation, Yolin is at the seashore with her 2 cousins. Suddenly a vast number of the most beautiful women emerge from the waters. The huge crowd of onlookers are mesmerised as the women began mixing with the humans. These demons in human form had elephant hands. Where did they come from and what was their purpose?

Once more Spiritual warfare raged intensely, and Yolin and her mom come face to face with a demon called “Instant Death”. It had a black body like a human with white stripes and a terrible looking head of a lizard. No human being in all its capacity could ever hope to match this creature from the depths of hell. How could they possibly survive this latest onslaught as a fierce battle broke out? They were literally staring death in the face; only the hand of Almighty Father God could save them now.

Book 13: Heavy Spells of Hypnosis

Heavy Spells of Hypnosis Download the Full Book 13 Here For months mom and I relived Book 12 pages 19 – 22. I quote:- “Immediately, I approached my mother and related more revelations of what the Holy Spirit had given me. In one of the revelations, Pastor Michael Birch, together with mom and I were […]

Book 13: Black Eyed Kids

Black Eyed Kids Download the Full Book 13 Here Today, the 21st August 2015, a group and I reached deep into the thicket to camp, but some spotted a tikoloshe. These few thought it fun to chase the thing, but after a while it disappeared.  In Spirit, I saw that a witch had caught the […]

Book 13: Prophecies

Chapter Four Prophecies Download the Full Book 13 Here In my first Spirit dream, I was with a Company of Prophets I knew was End-Time. Out of this True Company I recognized Joshua Houchens and Kelvin Mireku together with others. Immediately, I understood the Call upon my life. In the second Spirit dream, mom and […]

Book 13: Released from Pits of Gloom

Chapter Three Released from Pits of Gloom Download the Full Book 13 Here For weeks we faced sleepless nights and remained under severe demon attacks. I opened my eyes, having a black out. One evening, the thing manifested while mom sat at the computer. “Evil spirit, I arrest you together with all your powers and […]

Book13: New Levels

New Levels Download the Full Book 13 Here In yet another Spirit revelation shown to mom and me at different times, Brother Michael together with mom and I were driving in a very huge vehicle. I have no idea how to measure its size, but earth has never seen such a colossal. It drove unaffected […]

Book 13: Satan established a False Heaven

I will exalt my throne above the Stars of God / Satan established a False Heaven Download the Full Book 13 Here Isaiah 14: 11 – 14 “Your pomp and magnificence are brought down to Sheol, along with the sound of your harps; the maggots are spread out under you and worms cover you. How […]

Book 13: Demons in Human Forms

Demons in Human Forms Released from the City beneath the Ocean Download the Full Book 13 Here In another Spirit Revelation, I was with two of my cousins; we were at the seashore. Unexpectedly, a vast number of the most beautiful women emerged from the waters. I watched as these women emerged, dancing side by […]

Book 13: The Rapture

The Rapture Download the Full Book 13 Here Yet in another Spirit dream, while in the garden of our home, I looked up and saw the Lord Jesus. He was dressed in pure white standing in on a pure white cloud. Immediately, I called out to my mother who rushed out to witness this overwhelming […]