Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 16

During the wee hours one morning, an enormous flat screen suddenly appears in Yolin’s bedroom. With eyes bulging out of their sockets, she sees a horrifying scene – a continuous, never-ending fountain of the reddest, hottest, boiling liquid lava spewing forth like a waterfall, from an unknown source. Her spirit knows that this fountain is one of the many gateways into hell. She is immediately catapulted into this tumultous scene in the midst of the most deafening, gut-wrenching, blood-curdling shrieks and screams. Shaking violently and uncontrollably, her composure completely gone, she watches in numb horror as the souls of billions of men and women, pour out of the mouth of the fountain of liquid lava, twisting and turning in agony and torment as they were sucked deeper and deeper into its terrifying moltenous depths. These poor souls were doomed, doomed, doomed for eternity! With a boggled mind, she earnestly prays, “Jesus, what must I do?”

Utterly worn out and exhausted by the continuous demonic attacks which seem to spiral more and more out of control, life becomes a living nightmare for them so that their bodies collapsed in a miserable state of exhaustion. Yolin and her mom pray fervently for wisdom and understanding, but answers seems to evade them as once again they are plunged into something so enormous as to leave them utterly speechless. In a Spirit revelation, Yolin finds she is with a group making their way through forest and bushes. An evil entity manifests inside a dirty, grey mist, stalking them and seeking whom it could attack and devour. At an unexpected moment, it strikes an enormous blow, leaving its victim with only a vacant shell of a mind. Only then she understands its purpose and intent as an intense battle breaks out. How on earth was she going to defeat this demonic from the pits of hell?

Book 16: Walking through the Wilderness

Walking Through the Wilderness I was shown in Spirit visions during certain nights upon my bed, Believers of Christ End Time Ministries walking along the main path in the wilderness. Before us were many short trails leading off the path to camping spots. We headed off the first trail through bushes to the camping ground […]

Book 16: Majin Buu

Majin Buu Once again I had participated in yet another illustration that I will try to explain. While everyone at the school grounds was taking a lunch break, the impossible made its appearance. Hysterically, all fled. Loud, deep, painful screams and sobs filled the air. The unmatchable Majin Buu began exerting unusual dark powers. The […]

Book 16: A Beast – Image of a Bear

A Beast – Image of a Bear [Daniel 7: 5] “And behold another beast, a second one was like a bear, and it raised itself on one side and three ribs were in its mouth between its teeth; and it was told, Arise, devour much flesh.” Yet again I was to participate in another experience […]

Book 16: A Gateway to Hell – Muslims

A Gateway to Hell – Muslims Mom and I had gone through such intense warfare that words fail me once more. Our poor physical bodies were badly bruised and worn out for many weeks on end. The Lord had given me Spirit revelation in which I saw a Satanist shapeshifting into one of our rabbits. […]

Book 16: Attacked! It’s Halloween!

Attacked! It’s Halloween! Yet spiritual warfare increased the more so that it became unbearable.  Why ? It’s the season of Halloween. Exhausted and drifting in and out of sleep the unexpected happened! An evil force suddenly appeared ripping and tearing me out of my physical body. The pain was horrendous, shredding my entire stomach as […]

Book 16: End Time Entity

End Time Entity Yet the demonic attacks seemed to spiral out of control. We had prayed many a time for answers, but once again it seemed as though we were plunged into something so big that we were left speechless. We were given over to experience how it would be when the Saints are utterly […]

Book 16: Generational Black Snake

Generational Black Snake While fighting for our lives, I can’t tell you as Reader how we had made it through. Actually, I can’t find the proper words to describe it only to learn that not only were we fighting the above unimaginable demonic, but also against a long, thick, black snake that had suddenly appeared. […]

Book 16: Human yet not Human

Human yet not Human As spiritual abuse intensified greatly, I was shown in a spirit dream that on this level were three classes. I was given the choice as to which classes to attend, so I entered the second. As soon as I entered through the door into that class, mom and I immediately faced […]