Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 17

In the midst of intense warfare, feeling totally exhausted, battle-mutilated and utterly sick to the core, Yolin’s mom finds she is constantly suffering from inexplicable, tormenting, painful earache, nausea and zinging in her head, which she could only describe as if being bombarded by piercing arrows of electromagnetic frequencies. Why was she suddenly suffering these continuous, excruciating, debilitating pains in her head and ears?
She realizes that these invisible, electronic attacks had been going on for several months now, ever since multiple cell phone towers had been erected near to where they live. These towers were positioned every 100 metres from each other and had been erected everywhere – in residential areas, on church properties, in industrial areas, on top of buildings and even on school grounds.
Puzzled and with her mind spinning with dizziness, she wondered whether the strange pains she was experiencing, which seemed dark and demonic in their intensity, were somehow linked to these cell phone towers. She seeks the Lord earnestly for answers and while doing some research on another subject matter, the Holy Spirit leads her to the vital source of her suffering and torment.
Unbelievable as it may seem, the existence of these cell phone towers are actually controlled by demon entities in human form known as “gang stalkers”. Yolin and her mom had been battling against these demon entities which had spun a spider’s web with these towers in the spirit realm. These ‘death towers’ were releasing frightening levels of radiation all controlled by a switch in a control centre in the spirit realm!
That night as they gathered for prayer, she was taken to one of the High Courts in Heaven to fight their case.

Book 17: Shapeshifting / Reptilian

Shapeshifting / Reptilian   One morning, I was given Spirit vision in which I was amongst the public where I beheld the two sons of Princess Diana. I watched as her younger son, prince Harry, engaged in homosexuality, and knew that he was gay. To the public it was considered normal, but then something unexpected […]

Book 17: The Era of Human Animal Hybrids

The Era of Human Animal Hybrids Meanwhile, mom was taken into Spirit dream in which she refused to be mesmerised by the abominable. She also knew that these came from the laboratories where human embryos were mixed with different types of animals, producing beyond what is mind boggling. The weirdest creatures in human form paraded, […]

Book 17: Worldwide Zombies Epidemic

Worldwide Zombies Epidemic   Yet spiritual abuse spiralled out of control as the time to find the source of this type of spiritual persecution became prolonged. So for weeks, we suffered, especially during our most vulnerable periods when we were too exhausted to defend ourselves. Our bedrooms turned into torture chambers especially during the wee […]

Book 17: The Dark Side of Electronic Warfare

The Dark Side of Electronic Warfare

The Dark Side of Electronic Warfare Yet as intense warfare increased, the more we realized that its purpose was to distract us from the actual source –  mom had been suffering for months ever since cell phone towers were erected nearby. These towers were positioned every 100 metres away from the other one. These were […]

Book 17: Heavenly Courts

Heavenly Courts DOWNLOAD BOOK 17 Well, that night turned into chaos, as a thunderbolt of electricity mixed with radiation hit her so hard that she opened her eyes, collapsing. I had rushed to her aid, but my efforts seemed in vain. Mom stumbled to the living room away from her bed which was once again […]

Book 17: Entity Shapeshift

Entity Shapeshift The Lord Jesus in His infinite Mercy had given us victory over the aforementioned demonic attacks. With fervent prayers, we entered the New Year covenanting for our protection. The few days which followed gave us much hope when unexpectedly the unwanted reappeared. We had once again no clue as to why a deadly […]

Book 17: Alien Attacks

Alien Attacks It puzzled us over and over again why our entire property, house, and possessions sank beneath the ground every day at a certain time. Mom would purposely do shopping only to experience that this followed her. After much intense warfare releasing Blazing Holy Fire and Holy Electricity, she petitioned, “Father, open up the […]

Book 17: Entities / Dream Catchers

Entities / Dream Catchers   Yet warfare continued as spiritual violence intensified especially during our most vulnerable hours of sleep. In spite of deep warfare prayers at night, this remained a huge unanswered question! One morning, mom awoke under heavy spiritual violence and wondered about its source. Feeling awful she decided to persevere in warfare […]

Book 17: Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual Abuse   Instantly, warfare broke out, as the black crow flew away there remained standing before our front door an entity which I am not able to really describe. Mom destroyed all satan’s properties and footholds, mansions etc. built in the spirit realm on top of our house. The black crows continued making their […]