Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 2

The Lord Jesus Christ discloses the Heavenly alphabet to Yolin. She attends the magnificent Heavenly School along with myriads of other scholars. The enormous School consists of massive buildings with multiple levels of storeys, so high that their tops could not be seen. Here she is taught many things, such as the key pronunciations and speech pattern of the Heavenly alphabet and how to toil the soil with her bare hands.

The Heavenly School now appears to be a Majestic Palace, elegantly decorated, where the taps are made of a unique, uncut diamonds and the Teachers are tall, Holy Beings.

On the way there, Jesus appears disguised as a brave, young, fighting Warrior and excitedly communicates with Yolin who does not realize that it is the Lord Jesus. However, he is instantly recognised by the Teachers and they pay him the greatest homage, for the King was in their midst.

Entering the Palace, Yolin then joins a group of enthusiastic students who were being lectured in great depth about the Heavenly Principles of Spiritual Warfare, by a very tall, Holy Being.

She finally becomes interested in Spiritual Warfare as its importance had been impressed upon her mind. The Holy Spirit convicts her that the Teacher had provided the Title to this script i.e. “Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe” which reflects the Message of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is then that she felt a surge deep within her spirit, that this was her “Call”.

Over the coming months, Yolin continues to attend God’s Heavenly School where she learns about the mathematical system used in Heaven and the Biology of Plants. She experiences many visions in which she unknowingly encounters Jesus in many different guises. He is never very far away from her; always ready to talk to her and guide her.

She meets her guardian angel, visits the glorious, awe-inspiring Heavenly Gardens, and is instructed in how to nurture a little frail, premature baby.

Book 2 – The remnant must be captured

In the morning of the 27th December, I was taken into a vision. For some time, the Remnant of God walked through a deserted place. At length, we reached a lodge where we rested. Without direct human intervention, the television had bee n automated. Then the voice of Satan broadcasted his undercover plan. The old, […]