Why New Age Teaching Is Obviously False | Derek Prince

5 Oct 2020 Derek Prince With Subtitles New Age is on the rise. There are even forms of new age christianity. It teaches us (like mormonism) that we can become gods. But this is obviously a false teaching. Derek Prince states it very clearly: ‘We are created, God is uncreated. The created can never become […]

Take Heed That You Are Not Deceived | Derek Prince

Premiered on 11 May 2022 Derek Prince With Subtitles This is a sermon by Derek Prince called ‘Take Heed That You Are Not Deceived,’ about the danger of deception in the Church. Chapters: 0:00 How to test if a sermon is true? 9:16 A false Jesus is presented in the Church today 13:15 Deception in […]

Who Will Stay Loyal To Jesus? | Derek Prince

8 Jun 2022 Derek Prince With Subtitles God wants to betroth the Church to Christ. We are being tested whether or we will stay loyal to Jesus and patiently wait for the marriage. Derek distinguishes between the True Church on the one hand and the false church on the other. This is a clip from […]