Dr. William Schnoebelen 20 Mar 2022 As Believers, most of us understand the power of the Blood of Messiah to wash away our sins and protect us from danger – both spiritual and physical. In this Teaching Video from Dr. William Schnoebelen, With One Accord Ministries, you will learn THE DEPTHS of the “wonderworking Power […]

“The Physical Death of Jesus Christ”

Raising Sons  7 April 2023  In 1986, The American Medical Association published an article titled “The Physical Death of Jesus Christ”. It details the entire process of Jesus’ trial to His death on the cross. In Luke 22, before Jesus is arrested, it is written that He was in great distress & sweating blood. Although […]

How To Face The Last Days Without Fear! – Derek Prince HD

Derek Prince With Subtitles 14 Mar 2020 The Bible speaks often about ‘The Last Days’. Jesus says ‘perilous times will come’. Terrible things will happen. These things might frighten us. Yet as Christians we do not need to fear them. In this sermon, Bible teacher Derek Prince shares how we can face those days without […]

Satan Is Using This Sneaky Tactic to DESTROY Our Society

Ken Ham 14 Jan 2023 In this presentation from Ken Ham, you’ll learn about several of the sneaky tactics Satan is using to deceive and destroy our society—especially the younger generation. Additionally, you’ll learn about the one thing that can help with our increasingly godless society. Visit https://Answers.tv: All Answers in Genesis videos, live streaming, […]