Any Day Now Message 383 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin
Published on Jan 3, 2017

Any Day Now Message 383

I have been asking the Lord who I am in Him, He told me that I am a Queen, and someone He loves. He told Me I was of His heart. I have been hearing the song “You are so beautiful to me,” and the song “Any day now.”  The love I have been feeling in His presence is like none other and I feel so blessed that He chose me.

My Children, there are many that have been finding out just what they are to My kingdom and to Me. There are many of you that are Kings and Queens that will rule with Me in eternity, and I love you all so very much.

My Loves, come into Me deeper and let all seven of My Spirits fill you, and make you ready for the next phase of your journey.

Let Me take you higher, and lead you farther than you have ever been. Now is the time for new revelation, let go of the knowledge of the past and let Me bring you into full understanding and truth.

I will show you new anointing, new truth, and new understanding. Soon My loves the tides of My living water will stop flowing over you in this phase, so now do not be afraid of what I am showing you and what I am teaching you.

Let Me flow through you, let My Spirits feed you new manna and do not be content with the manna from the past.

Do you trust Me? It is only through complete trust, and faith in Me that I can do this.

That I can take you to through into the next phase. My love, peace and hope is here in Me, My loves as well.

Come home in Me, as when you are within Me you are also home, leave your shoes at the door when you come in as you are on hollow ground.

Let all that is of this world fall from you, let your mind empty and let Me come in. Come in and rest in Me, and Let nothing get in your way of receiving all that I have for you now.

Let Me love you, and let that love flow out onto the world as you are to be a reflection of Me to all.

Any day now things will change, and it will be on to the next phase. Come in and sup with Me, and be ready to go as it will be at any time now that you will hear Me come through.


I found out that Russia celebrates Christmas on Jan. 7. In the dream I shared that a friend had about the father whose daughter that went from conception to needing to deliver her baby, the father did not look to go to the nearest hospital, he looked for the nearest motel. The two songs of the season I heard, were not the whole song but were specific words from them. The first words I heard sang were “Christ The Savior Was Born”, the next were “There Is No Place Like Home For The Holidays”. When I was growing up we kept the decorations up until the ninth of Jan. because the feast of the wise men was on the eighth.
I really feel the Lord is bringing us into to something, very important. Please go to Him and stay in Him. Do not let anything of this world stay in your heart or mind, and let Him once again make you a brand new creation.

Dianna was given a very anointed word this morning. I liked it but could not download it to share. This is the link.…