Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Covid Shots Start Genetic Process (part 1)


Source: Dr. Tenpenny: Covid Shots Start Genetic Process That Is ‘Like Having an on Button With No off Button’ – Freedom First Network

Dr. Tenpenny: Covid Shots Start Genetic Process That Is ‘Like Having an on Button With No off Button’

For months we’ve warned Americans to do their research before getting their Covid injections. To be more accurate, we’ve warned people not to get their shots. But tens of millions have, so what can they do? We asked Dr. Sherri Tenpenny what recourse Covid-injected people have.

I truly wish there was better news than what I received from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny in a recent interview about Covid-19 “vaccines,” or as she calls them, “injections.” If you’ve already received the “Fauci Ouchy,” there isn’t really anything that can be done at this time. Perhaps as more people succumb to the side-effects of gene manipulation inherent in these drugs, doctors and researchers will dig deeper into ways of reversing the process, but right now there’s no way to do it.

As Dr. Tenpenny said, it’s “like having an on button with no off button.”

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In an interview on the latest episode of NOQ Report, she noted that there are many questions surrounding these “vaccines” arising based on the actions of Big Pharma and government. One of the most alarming concerns is the ongoing research, development, and clinical trials of so many “vaccines” even though there are already three in circulation in the United States.

“Now, there’s 162 more of these injections in the developmental pipeline and as of a couple of days ago, the last time I looked, the New York Times has a pretty accurate tracker that you can look at on the New York Times website, as of a couple of days ago there were 83 that were nearing completion of clinical trials,” she said. “Why do we need 170 shots for one infection? I mean, what do they know that they’re not saying and what are they anticipating injecting into us that millions of people are just willing to roll up their sleeves and accept?”

From there, we went into one of the most disconcerting topics we’ve ever covered on the show. While our warnings continue, we know there are many who have already received the shots but who are now having “buyer’s remorse.” Is there any remedy?

“I wish that I could give you a go-team ra-ra happy-happy answer to that, because there isn’t one,” she said. “I mean at this point in time, there’s no reversing this,” she said. “And the reason is because once these shots are injected, the intent of each one of those four shots that we mentioned — the mechanisms are a little different of how they achieve the end result — but the end result of all four is to create a spike protein in your body which is a foreign protein and there’s billions of particles of spike proteins that we know cause direct harm.”

According to Science News for Students:

Examples of coronaviruses include those that cause Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). Their spike proteins work a bit like shape-shifting lock picks. They can change shape to interact with a protein on the surface of human cells. Those spike proteins latch the virus onto a cell. This allows them to get entry into those cells.

“Once that process has been started, it’s like having an on button with no off button because your immune system sees these foreign proteins floating through your bloodstream and go, ‘oh, wait, what’s that thing doing in here?’” she said.

Generally, I go through what the guests of NOQ Report say and offer my commentary. In this case, all the commentary that’s necessary comes from Dr. Tenpenny herself, so here’s a partial transcript of her answer to my question about recourse for those who have already taken the vaccine:

“It sensitizes the T-cells and the B-cells to start to create an antibody to make it go away. But those spike proteins can end up on the surface of organs. They act like something that’s called in medicine a Hapten, which sticks up like a little nub that your immune system goes, ‘that shouldn’t be there,’ and allows the antibody to start attacking it.

“So it sticks on the surface of some of your organs. It sticks on the inside lining of your lungs. We know directly it can cause cardiovascular disease. It can cause cardiomyopathy, cardiac arrhythmias and something called pulmonary artery hypertension, which is a thickening of the artery that goes from your heart to your lungs, which is irreversible and uniformly fatal within two to three years under the very best of conventional medical treatment. So we’ve started a process that has an on button but no off button. If that piece of genetic material propagates in perpetuity, it never stops.

“Those spike proteins can get reincorporated back into your own DNA through a process called transfection. And so it gets read over and over and over again, turn into more messenger RNA to make more proteins. And Bill Gates himself said at the beginning of this and one of his interviews, ‘You know, this is going to be such a great thing. People could be their own vaccine factory. We can they can make it inside themselves.’ Except it’s not because the protein… I’ve divided, the the reactions from these shots into four categories.

“The first category is acute anaphylactic reaction. So it’s like the people eat the peanuts that they’re allergic to and they go into anaphylactic shock. The people are sensitized to polysorbate and also to polyethylene glycol, which are in these injections. And about 70 percent, seven zero, 70 percent of the population is sensitive to those products. So there’s an acute reaction that can be an anaphylactic reaction or a heart attack. It can just kill you flat out. So you’ve got category one is acute reactions.

“Category two is what the spike proteins are designed, I think are designed to do. This can’t be a random event and we can later go through each one of those things, if you’d like.

“And then there’s an antibody that is made to the foreign protein. The antibody itself can attack twenty eight different organs types in your body and destroy it. And those go on in perpetuity. They never go away.

“And then the fourth category is sort of like a general other — we put it in the category of other — like infertility, like strokes, like what it does is suppress your macrophages and stop your immune system. So the Category four is kind of like other ways that these shots can destroy your immune system.

“These shots are deadly. They’re deadly weapons. And I’ve often said, JD, you know, if I can figure this out, you know, this osteopathic physician sitting in my living room combing through the medical literature late at night can pull out twenty mechanisms of injury — and since I published the book, there’s actually a couple more that I found; it could be 20 more for all we know — if I can figure this out over just the last couple of months and these dastardly, sinister humans have had years and endless money and access to unbelievably smart minds and people in research and in bench labs and things like that, what else have they designed that’s coming through these needles?

“This is not a random event. It’s not an accident. It’s not like suddenly that we’re injecting people and they’re going, ‘Oh my, we had no idea that was going to happen.’ Hardly. And so that’s a long-winded way of answering your question, what can be done for people who were glued to and I think addicted to their fear, fear based place, that no matter what facts she told them, they weren’t going to give it up.

“They were addicted to that adrenalin feeling that people have when they’re afraid. And again, the powers that be know that fear is the most effective weapon. And one of it is the adrenaline fear that you get that people get addicted to. It’s kind of like when they go to scary movies, why do people go to scary movies? Because they want that adrenaline fear based high.

“And so people were stuck in that or they blindly trusted their doctor and unbelievably glued to CNN and believed everything that came out of those people’s mouths. And they rolled up their sleeves. And now that they’ve gotten more information from me and Scott Kesterson and Carrie Madej and Lee Merritt and Dr. Christiane Northrup and Dr. Larry Palevsky and all the rest of us, they go, ‘Oh, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.’

“Once you vaccinate, once you inject, particularly with these, I’ve been saying that about vaccines for as long as I’ve been doing this for almost 21 years, that once you vaccinate, you cannot be unvaccinated. That is taken up to some exponential level, at least so far with these shots that are being injected into human beings.

“Once you transform your body, your temple, your God given DNA by some pharmaceutical product created by the Pharmakeia, which are the sorcerers, and you have accepted that into your body to date, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Wow. I wish she gave us better news but it is what it is. All we can do now is hope the long-term effects of the shots aren’t as bad as they appear to be now, that reactions to future mutations of Covid-19 do not react too poorly to the vaccinated, and that we can alert as many unvaccinated people as possible to the dangers they’re not being told about by the “experts.”

We need to keep the unvaccinated informed as pressure mounts for theto get the jab. As for those who have already taken the experimental drugs, let’s pray it doesn’t get as bad as the science tells us it will be.

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