Dr. William Schnoebelen : NAZARITE VOW – Conquering with Covenant!


Published on 9 Mar 2017

What does it mean to take a Nazarite Vow? In this Treasure Guardians teaching video, Dr. Bill ministers on the RUACH (Holy Spirit) POWER of The NAZARITE VOW and explains what a Nazarite Vow is, where it is found in the Scriptures and how you can upgrade your spiritual weaponry against the adversary and enter into higher levels of intimacy with Almighty YAHUWAH!
Dr. Bill details the differences between a lifelong Nazarite Vow and a vow made for a specific purpose – or a ‘regular’ or temporary, Nazarite Vow. Equipped with this new Set-Apart, Scriptural armament you can enter into a deeper understanding of the Ancient of Days and His High Priesthood! TAKE HOLD – GEAR UP! www.withoneaccord.org