Emotional PAIN and BUILDING HEALTHY Relationships – J2W Book 2


ALL Interconnected!

A certain Dr. Arthur Janov states — “Pain is at the core of mental and physical illness — that is, pain that comes from trauma and unmet needs.”

He was not even aware of the GREAT impact this kind of pain can also have on the SPIRIT of the individual.

In J2F, we looked at the effect unresolved hurt has on our WHOLE being — we must keep in mind, our body, soul, and spirit are INTERCONNECTED! That is, each one AFFECTS the rest! Emotional PAIN and unresolved hurts WILL affect our physical bodies and spirit (and all our relationships) — it is similar to a domino effect.

Science has discovered that the brain does NOT discern between emotional and physical PAIN, but that it all enters the brain as a bundle of electrochemical impulses!

Physical pain and emotional pain is the same electrical impulse in the brain! Pain linked to EMOTIONS can most certainly also affect our BODIES. Stress-related DISEASES are a good example of such an effect. We must use the un-Godly symptoms/FRUIT of our lives to GAGE and DISCERN those areas that still need to be addressed and HEALED.

If you see FRUITS of EXTREME:

  • B.E.E.P.S.!
    • Anger
    • Fear
    • Rage
    • Depression

You know there are some ROOTS that need to STILL be dealt with …


Our need for LOVE is the most BASIC need we have. ALL other needs are satisfied when we are LOVED. When this basic need is UNMET, it forms a strong foundation for other HURTS and trauma. When our “LOVE foundation” is low, further HURTS will affect us more SEVERELY, as we don’t have the CAPACITY to COPE. Until HEALED by the FATHER, we are trapped in this CYCLE of PAIN, and will be ARRESTED in our development!

What is a THOUGHT?

For every thought that arises in your MIND there is a corresponding electrochemical reaction in your BRAIN. EVERY time you think, chemicals flow through your body in response, in  magnificently complex electro-chemical feedback loops. These chemicals produce electromagnetic waves. At any one moment, your brain is creatively performing about 400 billion actions, of which you will only be conscious of around 2,000. Each of these actions has a chemical and an electrical component.

Emotion “chemicals” in the brain.

When you feel HAPPY, your brain releases ENDORPHINS, the “feel good” chemicals of the body. Exercise and physical activity, as well as LAUGHTER and smiling, release ENDORPHINS — important for those suffering with DEPRESSION!

When you feel sad, your brain releases a different type of chemical. The brain is like a factory that produces all sorts of different chemicals, depending on what type of emotion you may be experiencing.

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