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Source: Former FEMA Operative Says “You Will Basically Be Killed” | Principia Scientific Intl.

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Celeste Solum is a former FEMA operative who has turned a whistleblower. Now she is exposing what kind of plans FEMA has in the context of the New World Order. She is also a researcher and a spokesperson revealing secrets that the globalist dictators are hiding from the public eye.

Mike Adams, the founder of, has interviewed her in his show called Brighteon Conversations. Some of the things that Celeste Solum revealed were absolutely mind-blowing and extremely horrifying.

Celeste Solum has told that she did not learn about the nefarious globalist plans from FEMA, but that she knew about that since she was 5 years old. She comes from a Jewish family and her father worked for the naval warfare. She told that when she was 5 years old, her father said to her the following: “This is going to happen on your watch. You need to prepare.” So Celeste Solum has known about the nefarious globalist plans and prepared since she was 5 years old.

Although Celeste Solum’s family is Jewish, they turned to Christianity. This is what the website of Celeste Solum reveals about the religion of her family: “Celeste became a Christian as a result of World War II, when her family left their faith, just in case there was another Holocaust. Providentially, she was invited by a neighbor to go to vacation Bible School where she promptly confessed her sin and accepted Jesus as her personal Savior.” As far as I have listened to Celeste Solum, she knows more about the Bible than most Christians.

When asked about what the big plan is, Celeste said the following: “So basically the plan was to bring the whole world to a standstill and then inject global governance under the cover of COVID-19.” Celeste Solum also told that there is a page on the website of the World Economic Forum, which reveals all the layers of society that will be disrupted under the cover of COVID-19.

This is the address of the page that she was talking about:

The visual representation of all the layers of society which will be disrupted under the cover of COVID-19 looks like a coronavirus. If you click on any of these layers or “spikes”, you can learn more, but you need to sign up.

Mike Adams then asked Celeste Solum if this is a depopulation event and she responded the following: “So basically with the COVID we saw the first realm of disruption and it will end with disabling probably 90% of the population, but the ultimate goal is depopulation.

What I understand from this is that they have a plan to first disable 90% of the people and then depopulate them. Disable, according to my evaluation, comprises of a variety of things, which are the following:

1) To make people sick.

2) To make people loose their financial independence and make them financially dependent on the government.

3) To disarm people.

4) To use a variety of different methods, tools and techniques to make people unable to resist.

Depopulation means reducing the number of people on the planet. Celeste Solum says that they intend to depopulate probably 90% of humanity, however according to Georgia Guidestones this number is even higher, which is 95%. Georgia Guide Stones hold a written message which says : “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000, in perpetual balance with nature”. It is expected that in 2023 there will be 8 billion people. If the humanity is brought to 500,000,000, that means that about 95% of people would be depopulated, since 5% of 8 billion is 500,000,000.

There are two ways how people on our planet can be depopulated, which is by killing or by sterilization. However it looks like the leading criminal bankers who are behind the depopulation agenda intend to use mostly killing. The number of people they intend to sterilize only and not kill is very small in comparison to the number people they intend to kill.

They have a plan for a mass murder of global proportions.

Now back to Celeste Solum. Celeste Solum has told that after hurricane Katrina a bill was created, according to which in case of a disaster public reception centers would be established in facilities like Walmart or Costco or any large facility. Celeste Solum told such disaster could be a nuclear event or a pathogen or an earthquake or a hurricane. Since COVID-19 is considered a disaster, although COVID-19 pandemic is a fake pandemic, obviously a fake pandemic could be a reason to establish such public reception centers in the facilities which are now large stores.

In the future the leading criminal bankers have a plan to deprive even large international corporations of their private ownership and to make these corporations a property of the UN. If they succeed in this plan, then these facilities which were once the facilities of the privately owned corporations would become the property of the global government. So these facilities would in fact become public reception centers and they would no longer be stores.

They would become communist owned and controlled facilities where the dictators would do with the people whatever they want.

Celeste Solum said that people would go to these public reception centers since they are conditioned to do that. She told: “Costco had the SWAT team people. They put pallets to block the door, so you had to go single file in.” In fact these ridiculous measures to let people inside the store are the psychological conditioning to what’s coming. By using these measures, the globalists are training people to accept the kind of rules which will be demanded from them in the communist owned public reception centers.

Once these public reception centers are running, people would have to go inside one by one. If something horrifying would happen to them, nobody would know since they would be alone with the fascistic personnel and with no social control. However that is exactly what the global dictators want. They want people to be alone in such facilities owned by the global government so that the global government can do anything they want with them while nobody sees it.

People inside these facilities could even get kidnapped or killed and nobody would know what happened to them.

If people have no food of their own, they can be forced to be dependent on the communist global government that wants to depopulate them. They can be forced to go to the public reception centers where anything can happen to them, including being killed. If people don’t have their own food, they can be totally controlled by the communist global government and this government has all power to do anything to them.

That’s why grow your own food. Learn to grow your own food, get some practice and learn to collect seeds and grow food from seeds. So that you will be fully prepared in terms of food and won’t be dependent on the tyrannical New World Order government for your survival. Also prepare other things that you need for your survival without being dependent on the government and without being dependent on money.

Multiple sources have revealed that the global communist government intends to deprive people of their private property. It has been revealed that the global communist government would eliminate private companies, sole proprietorships and even large international corporations. All of these would become the property of the UN and thus the property of the global government. The criminal leading bankers intend to deprive people of everything.

Since people would not be earning their own money anymore, the global communist state would consider them a property of the state. So under the global communist government the people would be a property of the state.

Celeste Solum revealed the same thing. She told the following: “The definition to become federalized and become an asset of the government is to have potential to earn a thousand dollars. So basically you are an asset of the federal government.

Anyone has a potential to earn a thousand dollars, which means that all people would become the property of the state. But not just people have a potential to earn a thousand dollars, real estate has as well. So according to the definition that Celeste Solum reveals, the global communist government might be planning to deprive people of their real estate properties as well.

Next Mike Adams asked Celeste Solum the following question: “How does FEMA run the whole idea of: Hey, we’re here to help you, if you want food, come on in and consent to this FEMA camp? How does that exchange actually work? How do they run that on the streets?

Celeste Solum gave an extremely terrifying explanation:

So you would go to the public reception center. That’s where you would be processed. It’s going to be different than the concentration camps of World War II, because we’re basically in an automated technocracy. The’ve got synthetic beings, they have robotics, they really don’t need a large population base.

So one of the reasons that I left the agency is they have this plan that if you do not believe that the government is God, then you would go to one of these processing centers briefly. If you could be reeducated, they would do that. Although there isn’t much need for humans. You know, the globalists are really free to admit that there is no room for humans anymore. It’s our duty to expire. To atone for our sins basically of what we’ve done to the planet.

So you will basically be killed. And there are two different humane methods of killing. One of those is gassing and the other method is decapitation.

And they’ve been doing all of these experiments, decapitating thousands and thousands of mice, recording their brainwaves, all of that, to justify decapitation as a humane method of euthanizing people.

Mike Adams: “You’re talking about guillotines?

Celeste Solum: “Guillotines, yes.

So, as we see, people would go to a public reception center where they would be processed. Those who would not believe that the government is God, would be sent to reeducation centers where they would have to accept the belief that the government is God. They would have to consent that they are willing to do anything the tyrannical government wants them to do. If they would not consent, they would be killed.

The criminal leading bankers don’t want much people on the planet since they cannot control 8 billion people if they resist against their tyrannical global government. That’s why they only want 500,000,000 people on the planet. The criminal leading bankers also have robotics and AI, so they can replace humans with robots. They really don’t want and don’t need much humans. They want and need about half a billion people on the planet, that’s why they have a plan to depopulate the rest of humanity.

That’s why being taken to their processing center would over time almost certainly result in death.

Those who would go to the reception center will be taken to the processing center. 95% of those would be taken to the processing center would then be killed. Those would not go to the reception center would be kidnapped from their homes. So if you want to survive this scenario, you need to do the following:

1) Grow your own food and store your own food.

2) Grow your own seeds and store your own seeds.

3) Be able to live and move somewhere where the government cannot find you.

4) Avoid using a cell phone or any other object with an RFID microchip which could tell them where you are hiding. Check all the products which you have bought, including clothes and food containers, if they have a microchip via which they can find you.

The globalists are saying that people are destroying the planet. However the main reason why they want to depopulate 95% of humanity is not to save the planet, but to make people unable to resist to their tyrannical government. The idea to save the planet is mostly an excuse to justify the killing of 95% of humanity.

Celeste Solum told very clearly that people would be killed. She mentioned decapitation and gassing. Multiple other sources have confirmed this plan. So you better prepare for what’s coming if you want to live. There is still a possibility that the leading criminal bankers don’t succeed in executing this plan, however they are extremely powerful. The chance that they do succeed in realizing their plan for mass depopulation is very high. So start preparing today for your survival. Also start exposing their plan so more people know about their demonic extermination plan.

When Mike Adams asked Celeste Solum how would people be processed by FEMA, she advised him and the audience to watch the movie called “Sophie Scholl”. This is a German movie recorded according to a true story which happened during the Nazi era.

Although FEMA is in the USA and not in Europe and not in Canada, it doesn’t mean that this would happen only in the USA. As we have seen, the COVID-19 measures are more or less equal or very similar over the whole world. Since the leading criminal bankers have a plan to depopulate the entire world, they have a plan to start running depopulation programs all around the world. Europeans and Canadians are just as much in danger as the people living in the USA.

The EU is passing laws related to the fictitious COVID-19, which are even more authoritarian than the laws in the USA. People in Europe and Canada should prepare for the depopulation program just as much as people in the United States. We should all do our best to expose this demonic plan for the global tyrannical government and global depopulation. People in other countries around the world should do the same.

Next Celeste Solum explained that “they”, the creators of the global government, have a plan to disarm Americans.

When Mike Adams asked her what she thinks the level of compliance will be, she said this: “3% of Americans will hold to their gun rights. 7% may have a gun, think about it, may purchase one, may sell it. You know, It’s wishy washy, will they ever use it, probably not sure. 90% would do nothing and the government knows this.

If people are disarmed, they cannot protect themselves. So tell your friends, family and everyone about the plans for the global tyrannical government and about the depopulation plan. Tell them to hold on to their guns so they can protect themselves. Tell them also to grow their foods and seeds and to prepare so they can be independent from the government and money.

We need to do everything to stop the demonic agenda for the global dictatorship and mass extermination of people.