God has no use for people who look down on others… Gwendolen Song


God has no use for people who look down on others and do not repent themselves. It is very wise to remember this.
If we are to inherit the kingdom of God we must walk in love with all. “All means believers and non-believers. How we treat each other is of the utmost importance to our King and He is not going to allow anyone into His Kingdom who doesn’t love others. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to His Rule.
Call sin “sin,” but to cause discord amongst His body is like bringing on a spiritual disease. It is witchcraft. Do not sow seeds of discord. Sow seeds of Christ.
The Pharisees look down on Jesus and His Kingdom. Many Christians look down on other Christians. How is this any different? People must wise up and repent before it is too late. He comes at a time that NO ONE KNOWS. Work out your own salvation while there is light.
Ask the Holy Spirit to root out any condemning spirits in your life before it’s too late. Favoritism and lukewarmness is not of God.