By Bill & Mary Schnoebelen, © With One Accord Ministries 2017


Abba YAHUWAH, in the Name of Your Son Ha Adon Yahushua ha Mossiach, I come before you as
your daughter/son; I am bought by the blood of the Lamb. I confess to You now that I am broken
and in need of healing and wholeness—only the wholeness You can give.

Right now, Abba, I ask You to send Your Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) into every area of myself I’ve
not been able to submit completely to Your Authority, Kingship and control. I ask the blessed Ruach
to seek out, expose and destroy anything in the areas or parts of myself that are not of You or in
hidden rebellion against Your Instructions.

In Yahushua’s name, Father, I surrender all those parts of myself to you that I have held back in the
past. I ask Your forgiveness for holding onto those areas of pain and keeping them from You. I now
formally acknowledge it was wrong of me to cling to those areas and not trust You to deal with them
with gentleness and compassion. I know that Your loving-kindness is better than life (Ps. 63:3).
Therefore, I am willing and do now gladly open every aspect of myself to Your love and tender
mercies (Ps. 119:156).

I ask You, Abba Father, to help me break down the walls of partition (Eph. 2:14) within me. I cannot
do it without Your help. Please give me a reverential fear and awe of Your kadosh (Holy) Set Apart
Name – YAHUWAH – so You can move in and open up any dark, blocked areas within me to the
miraculous Light of your healing and love (Mal. 4:2)

Just as You tore down the veil in the temple when Your beloved Son died on the cross (Matt. 27:51),
please tear down everything within me which separates the sacred from the profane – everything
which separates me from Your Love. I declare to You that I want nothing profane within me! (Heb.
12:13-16) I want every part of my spiritual being to belong to you, Abba Yahuwah, in the name of Ha
Eydon Yahushua ha Mossiach.

I now ask You, Father, to Mikvah (cleanse) and restore those areas of myself I am giving to You in
the Living Waters of Yahushua ha Mossiach and fill them with His blood shed from Calvary’s Cross.
I want nothing from ha satan to remain anywhere within me! Let Your Mayim Chaim (Living
Waters) flow ALL around, under, over and through me until there is nothing left within me
displeasing to You. I want all of me to belong to You.

Thank you Abba YAHUWAH for breaking up those barriers and washing them out of me. Please
cleanse me of all pretense and pride, and immediately fill those places with the anointing power of
the Ruach to bring healing and a renewed spirit within me. Breathe on me! Break up this hard
ground; pour water upon me for I am thirsty! Pour floods upon my driest ground! I ask You Father to
make a way in my wilderness and springs in my desert (Is. 41:18). I ask You for it and thank You for
it, in the Kadosh Name of Yahushua for His sake.


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